1921 Farmers’ Directory of Douglas Iowa

1921 Farm Map of Douglas Township, Audubon County, Iowa

Abbreviations: Sec., section; ac., acres; Wf., wife; ch., children; ( ), years in county; O., owner; H., renter.   Abildtrup, J. C. Wf. Marie; ch.Nels, Margaret and Arnold. P. O. Audubon. R. 5. O. 90 ac., sec. 35. (11.) “Clover Leaf Farm.” Andersen, Carl Jr. Wf.Oma; ch. George. P. O. Audubon, R. 5. R. 80

1884 Directory of Douglas Iowa

Last First and Middle Section Post Office Township Business Origin Arrival County State Bronson I 1 Dunlap Douglas Farmer Ohio Harrison Iowa Bulta Wm 16 Woodbine Douglas Farmer Germany Harrison Iowa Boustead Thos 31 Woodbine Douglas Farmer England Harrison Iowa Butler Thos W 20 Woodbine Douglas Farmer Iowa Harrison Iowa Collins James 18 Woodbine Douglas

1906 Douglas Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Andersen, Herman Apperley, L. M. Ashton, Henry Baldwin, Charlie Baldwin, Frank Bartellet, W. P. Baxter, G. D. Beazley, C. J. Beazley, Henry Beazley, J. M. Bennett, W. C. Bertelsen, Hans Bertelsen, Jens Bertelsen, Aug. Bertelsen, Oscar Blenner, Jerry H. Bliss, Fred G. Bower, Anthony Bower, L. F. Boylan, S. F. Buck, A. O. Buck, G.

1884 Douglas Township – Iowa Farmers Directory

Aarvig, T. S. Allison, S. C. Ashton, H. B. Bartlett, Henry Baxter, Geo. Beasley, J. M. Beasley, Thos. Boardman, H. E. Bondhos, O. T. Bortholson, Brooks, L. W. Brush, J. T. Buck, G. W. Buell, C. S. Bullock, D. P. Bunn, John Burns, G. E. Burns, O. Bush, G. W. Church, J. F. Cobb, C.

1920 Douglas Township, Iowa Farmers Directory

Name Section of Land Albers, Chris 11, 22-25 Andre, T. J. 18 Barber, H. C. 34 Barber, P. E. 34 Bartlett, W. P. 20 Beazley, C. J. 5, 8 Beazley, Henry 4 Beazley, Jim M. 4, 5, 8, 9 Bertelsen, Jens 19 Blenner, J. H. 1 Boock, H. 25 Bower, John 3, 31 Bower, L.

1923 Douglas Township, Iowa Farmers Directory

Last First & Middle Section Township County State Barber H C 34 Douglas Ida Iowa Beazley C J 8 Douglas Ida Iowa Beazley E C 13 Douglas Ida Iowa Beazley Henry 4 Douglas Ida Iowa Bertelsen Jens 19 Douglas Ida Iowa Blenner J H 1 Douglas Ida Iowa Boock Henning 25 Douglas Ida Iowa Borgenson

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