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Biography of Daniel Lynch

DANIEL LYNCH – Among Northampton’s most useful and practical citizens, Daniel Lynch, expert brick mason, contractor and builder, has performed a work of permanent value to the material interests of the city in the course of the quarter of a century that he has been engaged in business on his own account; and the city and its neighborhood have profited in the result of good workmanship. Honest dealing and sound common sense have invariably characterized his enterprises as a builder, as well as his sterling counsel in matters relating to civic economics and community betterment. Of his industrious and zealous race he was taught industry and zeal in all his undertakings. His grandfather, John Lynch, lived and died in Ireland; and his children were: Edward, of whom further; Timothy; Mary; Kate; Honora; Margaret; Jeremiah. Edward Lynch, son of John Lynch, was born in County Kerry, Ireland, and died in Northampton, September 1, 1911, aged about ninety years. A carpenter by trade, he came to the United States in 1890, and lived in Northampton to the time of his death. He married Bridget Herlihy, who was born in County Kerry, and died there in 1880, daughter of Daniel and Mary Herlihy. Their children were: Timothy, who died young; John, who also died in his early years; Daniel, of whom further; Mary, who married a Mr. Whelan; and Margaret, who married John Healy, who is now deceased. Daniel Lynch, son of Edward Lynch, was born in 1861, in County Kerry, Ireland, where he attended school and was employed as a farmer in his youth. He came to Northampton in 1883, and...

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