Paces Creek Cemetery, Garrad, Clay County, Kentucky

Paces Creek Cemetery is in Garrad, Clay County, Kentucky, up on RR 3. The post office is listed as Manchester. I have listed the entire cemetery here, with the help of my parents, Arla and Gladys (Owens) Smith. Explanation of terms used: s/o = son of d/o = daughter of w/o = wife of Female

Old Benge Cemetery, Clay County, Kentucky

“Old Benge Cemetery” is located on Euwell and Ann Rader’s farm at Fogertown, KY on Highway 472, between Burningsprings and London, KY. There are 68 identifiable graves with markers and others marked only with field stones. Mosley, Darrel 12-29-1955 12-1-1970 Grimes, Angela L. 1967 1985 Mosley, Donna J. 4-29-1951 5-5-1951 Mosley, Kenneth J. 12-29-1954 10-11-1975

Old Ben Hacker Cemetery, Clay County, Kentucky

Directions – Out of Laurel County, East 472 into Clay County – Fogertown. Turn left at Russell House Store, 1/2 mile on left, top of hill. WESTERFIELD, Edith Marie 13 Aug 1925 28 May 1947 WESTERFIELD, Celia 7 Jan 1929 12 Mar 1932 WESTERFIELD, Ernest G. 12 Jul 1902 23 Mar 1926 US 6th Cav.

Engine Cemetery, Clay County, Kentucky

Here is a partial list of names. We’d love to get this cemetery completed but the hill is rather steep and the weather hasn’t been good the last few times we were there. Directions as recalled by friends: Coming from London, on the Parkway: turn left (toward Manchester) off the Parkway. Turn right at the

Brown/Wilson Cemetery, Clay County, Kentucky

The entrance to the cemetery is located one quarter to one half mile past Goose Creek on Fork Field Road. There is a cattle gate where the cemetery road goes to the right up the hill. Make a right turn at the cattle gate and proceed up the hill. Where the road forks, keep to

Slave Narrative of Amelia Jones

Interviewer: Perry Larkey Person Interviewed: Amelia Jones Location: North London, Kentucky Place of Birth: Manchester, KY Age: 88 Concerning slaves of this section of the country, I will quote experiences and observation of an old negro lady who was a slave, Mrs. Amelia Jones, living in North London, Kentucky. “Aunt Amelia” as she is known

Slave Narrative of Sophia Word

Interviewer: Pearl House Person Interviewed: Sophia Word Location: Kentucky Date of Birth: February 2, 1837 Age: 99 The following story of slave days is the exact words of one who had the bitter experience of slavery. Sophia Word, who is now ninety-nine years of age, born February 2, 1837. She tells me she was in

Biography of Henry C. Ambrose

HENRY C. AMBROSE. A large class of the farmers of Stone County, Missouri, lead such modest and quiet lives as to be seldom heard of outside of their own townships. They are doing fine work in their own community, but do not care to mingle in the more public matters of political life, as they

Biography of James Henry Powell

James Henry Powell. Chautauqua County had never had a more popular official than James H. Powell, who is now concluding his second term as sheriff. He had been a farmer, public official and prominent citizen of this section of Kansas for a quarter of a century. A noteworthy fact is that when he was re-elected

Clay County, Kentucky Census Records

1790 Clay County, Kentucky Census Records Free 1790 Census Form for your Research Hosted at – 14 Days Free Hosted at Census Guide 1800 U.S. Census Guide 1800 Clay County, Kentucky Census Records Free 1800 Census Form for your Research Hosted at – 14 Days Free Hosted at Census Guide 1800 U.S. Census

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