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Carthage Township Town Officers 1855-1868

The early records of the township are lost, and there is no list of its officers prior to 1855. The population in 1820 was 320; in 1830 it was 395; in 1840 it was 734; in 1850 it was 1,087; in 1860 it was 1,827. Township Trustees 1855-1868. 1855 Hiram Frost, Vincent Caldwell, Caleb Wells. 1856-57 Jacob S. Coen, R. M. Wilson, Walter Glazier. 1858 William Mills. R. M. Wilson, Walter Glazier. 1859 Cyrenus Stout, Simeon Buck, Asa P. Jeffers. 1860 Walter Glazier, James Buck, Asa P. Jeffers. 1861 Walter Glazier, S. H. Lottridge, Cyrenus Stout. 1862 William Merrill, S. H. Lottridge, Cyrenus Stout. 1863 Aaron Stort, William Russel, John W Nicholson. 1864 S. H. Lottridge, Amasa Saunders, Charles Stout. 1865 William Russell, Amasa Saunders, Charles Stout. 1866 William Russell, David G. Frost, John W. Nicholson. 1867 William Russell, David G. Frost, E. M. Young. 1868 Avery N. Saunders, Joseph D. Webster, Hiram C. Frost. Township Clerics 1855-1868. 1855-Washington Hull. 1856-60-James Elliott. 1861-62-David Frost. 1863-James Elliott, who has been re-elected each year since. Justices of the Peace 1852-1866. 1852-Daniel Tubbs, S. W. Lottridge, and John Elliott. 1855-Isaac Hull and Richard M. Wilson. 1857-John Whittington. 1858-Richard M. Wilson. 1860-John Whittington. 1861-Jacob S. Coen. 1863-John Whittington. 1864-Jacob S. Coen. 1865-Curtis Raincer and John Hammond. 1866-Simon H....

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