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Biography of Judge J. M. Gould

In the early days of the west the more favored districts naturally drew to them-selves the men of greatest ambition, foresight, and business sagacity. These sought the fields that held out the most to them in. the way of promise for the future, and settling there, bent their energies to laying the foundation of prosperity for themselves and their posterity. Thus it is that Rock Island County has been fortunate in the character of its pioneers. They were not only of sturdy stock fit to endow their descendants with the physical strength to build up a great community but they were also above the average in mental grasp and moral fibre. They were able to discern the opportunities which the region held forth for agriculture, manufacturing, and commerce, and possessed the sound judgment, executive ability, courage and perseverance to organize and direct these to their full fruition. Of this sort was Hon. John M. Gould, merchant, lumberman, banker and manufacturer. Few men have had so large a share in the upbuilding of any city as Judge Gould has had in making Moline what it is and rarely, indeed. has any one lived to see the changes wrought in any community that he has seen take place in this thriving manufacturing center. His activities have extended into many fields and in all of them he has left a permanent impress. Probably no other American of English descent can boast of an ancestry inhabiting American soil longer than that of Judge Gould. Zacheus Gould came to what later became Massachusetts from England in 1634, fourteen years later the Pilgrim fathers landed...

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