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Biography of George Frederich Christoph Schrader

George Frederich Christoph Schrader has been a resident of Saline County, Kansas, thirty years. Measured by the practical results that have proceeded from his intelligence and energy, he is without question one of the foremost farmers of the state. It is not merely a matter of possessing large bodies of land, but the method in which they are improved and farmed, which constitute his achievements as a resident of Kansas. Mr. Schrader came to America when about in middle age. Some of his children were born in the old country, and he is a veteran of the Franco-Prussian war. He was born at Anderten, near the City of Hanover, Germany, November 14, 1847, a son of Henry and Caroline (Weber) Schrader. Both parents were also natives of Germany. His father, Henry Schrader was born April 20, 1812, and when he died at Bavaria, Kansas, January 21, 1910, he was the oldest resident of Saline County, being ninety-eight years old. His wife was born February 1, 1818, and died in Germany, March 9, 1879. The parents had only two children, a daughter, Caroline, born in 1859 and died in 1872, and Georg Frederich Christoph. The birth of Mr. Schrader occured on a farm, he grew up and became familiar with German agricultural conditions, and his education was acquired in the common schools. When fourteen years of age he began learning the trade of locksmith. At twenty he was called into the service of his country as a member of the Saxon army, and was on duty more or less continuously for twelve years. This included the two years of the...

Biography of Thilon J. Rollman

Thilon J. Rollman. While the community of Brookville in Saline County had known Mr. Rollman as a banker for some years, his chief distinction in that part of Kansas rests upon his long and active service as an educator. He is one of the veteran school men of the state, and for thirty-two years he held the principalship of the Brookville schools, which constitutes the longest continuous service in such a position in any one community in Kansas. The influence exerted by such a man of high ideals in the lives of the hundreds of individuals who came under his instruction during that time and in the entire community is incalculable. Mr. Rollman came to Kansas after ten years of educational experience in the East. He was born on a farm near Millersburg, Pennsylvania, January 22, 1845, and had already passed the age of three score and ten. His parents were Samuel and Mary (Bordner) Rollman, also natives of Pennsylvania. He was the first in a family of four children, two sons and two daughters. His brother Samuel and his sister Catherine are now deceased, and his sister Mary, unmarried, lives at the old home in Pennsylvania. Mr. Rollman had a liberal education, much of it acquired at the expenditure of his own labor and means. He attended the Palmyra Academy of Pennsylvania and the Freeland Seminary, and for two years was a special student in the Boston Home College. After teaching five years in his home town of Millersburg, Pennsylvania, he was made principal of the public schools in that city, and held that office five years. Mr....

Biography of Otto Philip Byers

Otto Philip Byers. Something less than forty years ago Otto Philip Byers was a railroad section hand in Kansas. He was a boy in years, and he grew to mature manhood in the close and orderly discipline of the railroad man’s life, in close touch with working men and working conditions. That he had risen to mature manhood in the close and orderly discipline sponsibility is a tribute both to his personal aggressiveness and also to the fundamental character which he probably inherited from a long line of fighting and industrious American ancestors. His later day distinction among Kansas business men is as the chief builder and now the president of the Anthony and Northern Railroad. Mr. Byers was born at Tampico, Indiana, May 2, 1863, while his father was in the Union army. His father was Jasper J. Byers, who was born in Darke County, Ohio, May 18, 1834. He grew up in his native county, when a young man went to Quincy, Indiana, was married there September 19, 1860, and in that community took up the profession of physician and surgeon. In 1859 he graduated from the Cincinnati Eclectic Medical College. The best years of his life were spent as an able and hard working country physician. In 1862 he removed to Tampico, Indiana, and continued practice there until his death on September 19, 1888. In 1861 he enlisted in the Union army, and through nearly four years was under the command of General Sherman, participating in all the engagements of his regiment and was through several notable campaigns, including the march to the sea. He held...

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