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Abeel and Allied Families

Recent discoveries relating to the Abeel family, of which little has hitherto been known, have brought to light certain facts which have an important bearing on the Revolutionary period of our country’s history. The Genealogy of the Williamson and Abeel families, compiled by James A.Williamson, proves conclusively that the famous “Cornplanter” of the Seneca Tribe of the Six Nations was a direct descendant of Christopher Janse Abeel, the founder of this old Holland family in America. The faithful mother, who so carefully provided for her son’s welfare, little dreamed of the influence that would be exerted by him and his descendants in the New World. Christopher Janse Abeel Christopher Janse Abeel, the progenitor of this family in America, was born in Amsterdam, Holland, in 1621. Both his father and mother fell victims to the great plague which scourged all Europe in 1633, when he was twelve years of age. Soon after his mother was taken ill, she sent for a trustworthy neighbor and friend, and placed in her keeping all the ready money she had with instructions to keep it until the lad should become of age. He was placed in charge of the master of an orphanage, and grew to manhood well equipped for the duties of life, having been taught in the meantime the trade of a carpenter. On reaching his majority, the faithful friend, true to her trust, delivered to him the principal with the accumulated interest, and with this little fortune he purchased a stock of hardware and started for America, settling in Beaverwick, now Albany, about 1647. His name first appears on the records...

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