15th District, 4th Section, Cherokee.

1 (fr.) Harris Ricks, Hicks’s, Decatur.
2 John, Dickey, Lunceford’s, Elbert *
3 Eli H. Baxter, 102d, Hancock.*
4 L. D.. Posey, Whisenhunt’s, Carroll.*
5 John M. Johnson, Young’s, Wilkinson.*
6 Buckner Abernethy, Hughes’s, Habersham
7 David Merce Elliott, Candler’s, Bibb.*
8 Jeremiah Cloud, 3d section, Cherokee*
9 Thomas Coston, Williams’s, Washington.
10 James Clary, William’s, Decatur.
11 Edward A. Ballard, s. l. w., Moore’s, Randolph.*
12 Jacob W. Eberhart, Colley’s, Oglethorpe.*
13 Jones Davis, Jordan’s, Harris.
14 Thomas Justice, Ellis’s, Rabun.
15 Nelson Gunn’s ore., Prescott’s, Twiggs.
16 William J. Harper, Whitebluff, Chatham*
17 William Chappell, Sen., 417th, Walton.
18 Pittman Carrington, Smith’s, Madison.
19 Green M. Wiggins, Dean’s, Clarke.
20 John Benford, Martin’s, Jones.
21 Sterling Adams, Higginbotham’s, Carroll*
22 Valentine Breazwell, Mullen’s, Carroll.*
23 .Richard Smith, sol., Iverson’s, Houston*
24 Sarah Beavers, w.,. Aderhold’s, Campbell.
25 George W. M’Call, Carpenter’s, Tatnall*
26 John. Luckie, Adams’s, Columbia.
27 Thomas V. Miller, Durham’s, Talbot.*
28 Sally Morris, h. a., Hines’s, Coweta.
29 Hay’ T. Landrum, Howard’s, Oglethorpe*
30 John Hog, Harralson’s, Troup.
31 James Cooper, Mullen’s, Carroll.
32 Sardis E. Cross, 73rd, Burke.*
33 Daniel M’Gahee, Strickland’s, Merriwether.*
34 Reuben Bankston, Martin’s, Pike.*
35 Reuben Alewine, Belcher’s, Jasper*
36 Isaac D. Read, Fenn’s, Clarke*
37 William Freeman, Jones’s, Hall.
38 William Wallace, Sen., Herndon’s, Hall.*
39 James A. Landcaster, Williams’s, Washington.
40 Mary Pettis, w., 398th, Richmond.
41 Edward L. Thornton Newman’s Thomas.*
42 John C. Lanier, 3d section, Cherokee.*
43 John Higdon, 37th, Emanuel.*
44 William Bayles, Camp’s, Warren.
45 James Spence, or., Wynn’s, Gwinnett.
46 John T. Thomas, Dearing’s, Henry.*
47 Polly Owens’s ors., 406th, Gwinnett.*
48 Ephraim M. Johnson, Price’s, Hall.
49 (fr.) William Lee’s ors., Will’s, Twiggs.
50 (fr.) John Phillips, 574th, Early.
51 William Gibson, 175th, Wilkes.*
52 Josiah Johnson, Johnson’s, Bibb.*
53 Hamblin Hudgens, Martin’s, Newton.*
54 Duet C. Rutledge, Maguire’s, Gwinnett.*
55 James Anderson, Brock’s, Habersham.
56 Anna Thompson, w., M. Brown’s, Habersham.
57 William Lane, Brewer’s, Walton.
58 Juda Foster, w., Clark’s, Elbert.
59 Michael M’Lane, sol., Iverson’s, Houston.
60 John L. Veazey, 142d, Greene.
61 Thomas Fenn, sol., Killen’s, Decatur.*
62 John M’Cullock, of Cher., Latimer’s, De Kalb.
63 Joseph Rice, Herndon’s, Hall
64 William Tindall’s ors., Harris’s, Columbia.
65 Lott Williams’s ors., 120th, Richmond.*
66 George Freeman’s ors., Edwards’s, Talbot.
67 Temperance Manly, w. r. s., Crawford’s, Franklin
68 Elizabeth Tare, w., Willis’s, Franklin.
69 George W. Hay, 417th, Walton.*
70 Pittman ’11. Lumpkin, Beasley’s, Oglethorpe.
71 John Barnes, Chastain’s, Habersham.
72 William Willson, Ellis’s, Rabun.
73 (fr.) Moses J. M’Clendon, 364th, Jasper.
74 (fr.) William Walker, Hall’s, Oglethorpe.
75 Josiah Sterling’s ors., Hardman’s, Oglethorpe.
76 Solomon Howard, Jordan’s, Harris.*
77 Robert Robinson, Hobbs’s, Laurens.
78 John M. Miller, 37th, Scriven.
79 David Henderson’s ors., Lay’s, Jackson.
80 John Buffington, Lawrence’s, Pike.
81 Elizabeth Hunter, w. r. s., Reid’s, Gwinnett.
82 John K. Fitchett’s or., 333d, Wayne.
83 David Sisson, Smith’s, Habersham.
84 Domineck Lima, Wilmington, Chatham.
85 Benjamin Lokey, sol., Foote’s, De Kalb.
86 James M. Warren, Brewer’s, Walton
87 Isaac S. S. Barker, Johnson’s, De Kalb.
88 John Pate, Compton’s, Fayette.*
89 Joseph G. Chappell, 494th, Upson *
90 Leroy Pollard’s ors., Silman’s, Pike.
91 Avis Shannon, w., Holley’s, Franklin.
92 Thomas James, Sol., Crawford’s, Franklin.
93 Elija Stanford, Stewart’s, Warren.*
94 John S. Smith, Griffin’s, Hall.*
95 Seaborn Milligan, Anderson’s, Wilkes.*
96 William J. Parks, Daniel’s, Hall.
97 (fr.) Thomas Vaughan, 406th, Gwinnett.
98 Jarrett Wright’s ors., Cannon’s, Wilkinson.
99 Nathaniel Callyhan, Sims’s, Troup.*
100 Garris Cross, Roberts’s, Hall.*
101 Keader Keaton, Baker’s, Liberty.*
102 Daniel Fullbright, Hendon’s, Carroll.
103 Levi Kinks’s ore., Parham’s, Harris.
104 Darias Purcell, Smith’s, Franklin.
105 Elizabeth Daniel, d. & d., Dearing’s, Henry.*
106 Thomas Caraway’s ors., Moore’s, Randolph.
107 Nathaniel Olmstead’s ors., Valleau’s, Chatham
108 Leroy Broom, 144th Greene, Taliaferro
109 Jane Ward, w., 190th, Elbert.
110 John Prescott, Morgan’s, Appling.
111 Charles Harper, 20th, Bryan.
112 Halcom Hagans, Hand’s, Appling.
113 Mary Dean, 15th, Liberty*
114 James Spurlock, M’Ginnis’s, Jackson.*
115 S. Cone, Sen., of Cherokee, Latimer’s, De Kalb.*
116 Zachariah Timmons, 27th, Glynn .*
117 William H. Dunaway, M’Gill’s, Lincoln.*
118 Sarah E. Hearn, or., M’Clendon’s, Putnam.
119 (fr.) Ezekiel Wimberly, Sol., Pounds’s, Twiggs.
120 (fr.) Henry R. Deadwiler, Wilhite’s, Elbert.*
121 Susan J. Phillips, w., Sanderlin’s, Chatham.*
122 Asbury Lynch, Maguire’s, Morgan.*
123 Hugh M. Hardin, Sanderlin’s, Chatham.*
124 Littleton Thomason, s. 1. w., Thaxton’s, Butts.*
125 Jesse Parker, Lay’s, Jackson.*
126 Bartholomew Still, Baley’s, Butts.*
127 John Summer’s ors., Davis’s, Jones.
128 Edward White, Burk’s, Stewart.*
129 Allen Blackburn, 35th, Scriven.*
130 John F. Achord, s. 1. w., Dupree’s, Washington.*
131 John Mallory, Bourquin’s, Chatham.*
132 George J. Dodd, Barker’s, Gwinnett.*
133 Susan Campbell, w., Morrison’s, Appling.*
134 James J. Oquin, Show’s, Muscogee ”
135 Elisha Rogers, 588th, Upson.*
136 John M. Bruce, 561st, Upson
137 Sarah Lowe, w., House’s, Henry.*
138 William W. Hayes, Craven’s, Coweta .*
139 John B. Gilbert’s ore., 3d, Chatham.*
140 Martin O. Thompson, 379th, Jasper
141 (fr.) Abner Harralson, Night’s, Morgan.*
142 Editha Wright, w., Curry’s, Merriwether.
143 J. M’Cranie, Sen., sol., M’Craney’s, Lowndes .*
144 George W. Mackleroy, Burk’s, Stewart :*
145 John H. Moore, Lunceford’s, Wilkes.
146 Ralph Ressengine, sol., 3d, Chatham.
147 Stephens Roberts, Folsom’s, Lowndes.*
148 James Taylor, Sen., Morrison’s, Appling.*
149 Hugh C. Bole, Deavours’s, Habersham.*
150 Charles A. Rosier, Linam’s, Pulaski.*
151 Joseph J. Martin, Mobley’s, De Kalb.*
152 Paley Winters, h. a., Brown’s, Habersham.*
153 Wesley W. Reese, Peterson’s, Burke.*
154 Lewis M. Madison, Stanfield’s, Campbell.*
155 Elizabeth Allen, w., Covington’s, Pike.*
156 Reddle Sperger’s ors., Hill’s, Harris.
157 John Hill, Jones’s, Wilkes.*
158 Benjamin Oliver, 72d, Burke.*
159 Collins Waters’s ors., Trout’s, Hall.
160 Francis A. Menard, Ellsworth’s, Bibb.*
161 George W. Willis, 166th, Wilkes.
162 (fr.) George Jackson, w., Bishop’s, Henry.
163 Elbert Miller, Burk’s, Stewart.
164 Richard Williamson, Orr’s, Jackson.*
165 James Luke, son of Reuben, Peek’s, Columbia.*
166 Samuel Metz, Allen’s, Henry.*
167 Moses Cantrell, Jones’s, Habersham. .*
168 Thomas Stephens, Coxe’s, Talbot.
169 John Brown, Sol., Edwards’s, Talbot.
170 William Jackson, Sol., Latimer’s, De Kalb .*
171 Reuben Gunter, M’Ginnis’s, Jackson.*
172 Wesley Raines, Herndon’s, Hall.
173 Isaac N. Davis, Canning’s, Elbert.*
174 Hugh Roney, Jones’s, Thomas.*
175 Josiah Kitchens, Hood’s, Henry.
176 William Coulter, Blair’s, Lowndes.*
177 James A. Bush, Peace’s, Wilkinson.*
178 James B. Griffith, Jr., Morgan’s, Madison.*
179 George Baldwin’s ors., Burk’s, Stewart.*
180 Elizabeth Mayfield, w., Holley’s, Franklin.
181 (fr.) Roger Greene, 248th, Jackson.
182 (fr.) J. & H. Huff, ors., Greene’s, Oglethorpe.
183 Thomas W. Chipman, Kendrick’s, Monroe.
184 Jacob Crow, Gittens’s, Fayette.*
185 James M. Lesueur, Ross’s, Monroe.*
186 William F. Sweat; Peavy’s, Bulloch.*
187 Benj. Fannin, of Cherokee, Latimer’s, De Kalb.*
188 William Grimes, Alexander’s, Jefferson.
189 Jbhn B. Smith, a. i. w.; Smith’s, Henry.
190 Benj. Tarver, s. l. w. Robinson’s, Washington.
191 George L. Alexander, 298d, Jasper.
192 Stephen Potts’s ors., Belcher’s, Jaspr.
193 Nancy Adams, w., Hughes’s, Habersham.
194 Sarah Vickers, .w. e. s., 118th, Hancock *
195 Daniel Huff, Arringtou’s, Merriwether .*
196 Richard F. Bush 122d, Richmond..*
197 Henry Holmes, Boynton’s, Twiggs.*
198 Au stus B. Longstree, 119th, Richmond.*
199 R. H. H. Burke, Athens, Clarke.*
200 William G. Fitzpatrick, Frasier’s, Monroe*
201 (fr.) Hugh Curry’s ors., Smith’s, Wilkinson.

MLA Source Citation:

Smith, James F. The Cherokee Land Lottery: containing a numerical list of the names of the fortunate Drawers in said Lottery, With an Engraved Map of Each District. New York. AccessGenealogy.com. Web. 16 September 2014. http://www.accessgenealogy.com/georgia/15th-district-4th-section-cherokee.htm - Last updated on Nov 3rd, 2012

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