Rogers Family Records

Nathan Rogers

C. Nathan: 1784-1872; m. Sarah Steward.
a. Nathan Steward: 1811-1887; m. Nancy M. Hills; issue.
b. Lemuel Davis: 1813-1844; m. Lovina Partlo.
(I) Alfred Harrison: b. 1840; m. Ellen M. Lavery; issue.
c. Washington: 1827; m. Kezia S. Tozer.
(I) Steward Washington: b. 1854; m. Alice Steward; issue.
D. Joseph Davis: 1790-1860; m. Charlotte Main.
a. Joseph Davis: 1810-1884; m. Minerva Godfrey; issue.
b. Julius Dorsey: b. 1831; m. Jane E. Peabody: m. (2), Nellie Ward.
3. Jeremiah: 1749; m. Ruth Prosser.
A. David. m. and had
a. David: 1796-1883; m. Betsey Allen.
(I) Israel Lewis: b. 1818; m. Mahala Salisbury; m. (2), Rachel Trout. Ch.: George Washington (b. 1840; m. Lydia Howard; m. (2), Frances Mason; issue); Louis Israel (b. 1842; m. Annetta Lamphere; issue).

David Kendall Rogers

(II) David Kendall: b. 1820; m. Margaret Yerden; issue.
(III) Adoniram Judson: b. 1824; m. Amelia Smith; issue.
(IV) Silas Maxson: b. 1829; m. Hannah A. Noyes, issue.
(V) Loren Davis: b. 1831; m. Catherine Heavener; issue.
(VI) Daniel Henry: b. 1847; m. Eliza Mathers.
4. Davis: 1754-1833; m. Hannah Miner; minister.
A. Davis: 1776-1845; m. Mary Truman.
B. Silas: 1782-1870; m. Sarah Swaddle.
a. Silas: 1806-1886; m. Maria Yeomans; m. (2), Mary Beardsley; issue.
b. William P.: 1808-1892; m. Lydia Pickett; issue.
C. Amos: 1783-1872; m. Mary Chapel.
a. John C.: 1806; m. Mary A. Finch.
(I) Samuel: b. 1831; m. Susan H. Lake.
(II) Jesse Davis: 1833-1892; m. Mary A. Clarke; m. (2), Adelia White; issue.
(III) John E.: b. 1846; m. Maryette Gilbert; issue.
b. Amos: b. 1823; m. Louisa J. Rogers; ch.
5. Jonathan: 1760-1824; m. Humility Green; m. (2), Jemima Clark.
A. Jonathan: 1783-1861; m. Lucy Stebbins; m. (2), Mrs. Fanny Gilbert.
a. Jonathan King: 1808-1879; m. Elizabeth Burdick.
(I) Alonzo: 1835-1888; m. Jane M. Vincent; issue.
b. Ezekiel: 1818-1897; m. Hannah Burch.
(I) Floyd Wiggins: b. 1856; m. Emily Hammett; issue.
B. Ezekiel: 1786-1817; m. Elizabeth Clark; issue.
C. Green: 1788-1869; m. Elizabeth Leach; m. (2), Sarah Beebe; issue.
D. Maxson: 1791-1851; m. Esther Westcott; m. Mrs. Hannah Stillman.
a. Benedict Westcott: 1822-1853; m. Anna M. Rogers.
A. Matthew: 1794-1873; m. Esther Rogers.
a. Henry Clay: 1826-1864; d. in Andersonville prison; m. Sarah Ann Enos; issue.
F. Clark: 1805-1880; m. Abigail Clark; issue.
G. Nathan: 1806-1881; m. Elizabeth Maxson; m. (2), Experience Randolph: m. (3), Emeline Chapman; issue.
H. Nicholas: 1809-1856; m. Jane Rogers; m. (2), Cynthia H. Edwards.
a. Henry Clay: 1835-1901; m. Mary E. Rogers; issue.
6. Phineas: 1764-1857; m. Rebecca Beebe.
A. Henry: 1792-1869; m. Mary Powers.
a. Charles A.: 1829-1895; m. Clarinda E. Dye.
(I) John Henry: b. 1853; m. Mary C. Brown; issue.
B. Lemuel: 1794-1879; m. Hannah Stewart.
7. Jesse: 1767-1841; m. Hannah Bliven.
A. Ethan: 1807-1875; m. Alvira B. Cook.
a. Calvin Cook: b. 1836; m. Sophronia M. Rogers; issue.
8. Ethan: 1768-1841; m. Sarah Truman.
A. Ethan: 1796-1879; m. Fanny Davis; served in the War of 1812.
B. Clark Truman: 1798-1882; m. Nancy Williams; m. (2), Mrs. Laura Benjamin.
a. Ethan Clark: 1830-1864; m. Catherine M. Buckley.
(I) Clark Truman: b. 1851; m. Zerviah Lewis; issue.
C. Jesse: 1803-1832; m. Rbobey Wilmarth.
D. Jonathan Davis: 1808-1894; m. Jemima Rogers: m. (2), Rachel A. Mapes.
a. Jonathan De Ver: b. 1870; m. Josephine Hayes; issue.
E. Nathan: 1813-1900; m. Harriet S. Clarke.
a. George Horace: b. 1845; m. Emma J. Whiting; issue.
(c) David: 1719-1803; m. Grace Lester; m. (2), Judith (Maxson) Greene; m. (3), Susanna Truman.
1. Zebulon: 1757-1829; m. Sarah Greene.
A. David: 1786-1859; m. Mary Potter.
a. David Potter: 1808-1882; m. Mary Anna Rogers.
(I) William Augustus: 1832-1898; Brown, 1857 Honorary degrees from Yale and Alfred; m. Rebecca J. Titsworth. Ch.: Frederick Tuthill (b. 1859; m. Carrie E. Gavitt; physician).
b. Daniel Babcock: 1815-1884; m. Mary Ann Titsworth.
(I) David Dunham: b. 1850; m. Julia F. Davis; issue.
B. Zebulon: 1790-1839; m. Lydia Brooks; m. (2), Sarah Manwaring.
a. James: 1822-1891; m. Clarinda Miller.
(I) Thomas Vars: b. 1858; m. Alice E. Rose; issue.
b. Thomas S.: b. 1824; m. Hancy Benjamin; m.
(2), Sarah S. Stillman; issue.
2. Lester: 1762-1822; m. Mary Tuthill; minister.
A. Benjamin: 1796-1874; m. Susan Truman.
a. Clark Truman: 1817-1891; m. Jennet T. Rogers.
(I) Albert Clark: b. 1850; m. Elsie A. Langworthy; m. (2), Anna Bradfield; physician; issue.
b. George: 1819-1894; m. Julia Lewis; issue.
c. Henry Nathaniel: 1820-1898; m. Ellen A. Wright; issue.
B. Lester Tuthill: 1797-1850; m. Susanna H. Crandall; minister.
a. Lester Courtland: 1829-1900; Williams, 1856; m. Josephine Willcox; issue.
C. Joseph Sandford: 1799-1872; m. Elizabeth Boon; m. (2), Celinda S. Abbott.
a. Nathaniel S.: 1822-1860; m. Mary Ann Rogers; issue.
D. Thomas: 1802-1883; m. Maria Coit.
E. David: 1804-1879; h. Sarah Maxson.
a. Alexander Campbell: b. 1836; Margaret R. Cook; issue.
F. Henry Hammond: 1806-1893; m. Nancy Peckham; m. (2), Julia A. Smith; issue.
3. Paul: 1766-1868; m. Mary Barter.
A. Silas: 1788-1862; m. Nancy Stillman.
a. Clark Stillman: 1820-1893; m. Lydia R. Gardner; m. (2), Mary E. Morgan.
B. Paul: 1790-1868; m. Celinda Comstock.
a. George Alexander: 1828-1880; m. Delia Seamens; issue.

George Rogers

J154 GEORGE ROGERS: said to have come from Londonderry, Ireland; his family were Scotch-Irish Presbyterians; he m. Isabella (probably McCobb); d. 1743.
(1) William: 1702-1763; m. Dinah Rankin; b. in Ireland.
(A) George: 1729-1818; m. Margaret Campbell; m. (2), Alice Means.
(a) Alexander: born 1754; m. Margaret Wilson Hunter.
(b) James: born 1757; m. Mary Mustard; m. (2), Lydia Thompson; m. (3), Mary Ridley.
(c) George: b. 1765; m. Rachel Pennell.
(B) Thomas: 1731-1816; m. Hannah Laha.
(a) Samuel Laha: m. Caroline Hopkins.
(C) Hugh: 1736-1802; m. Hannah Hallowell; m. (2), Margaret Wylye.
(a) Samuel: b. 1776; m. Martha Wyleye. Ch.: Samuel (b. 1802; m. Lucinda Owen), Hugh (b. 1805), Alexander (b. 1807), Hallowell (b. 1812).
(D) William: 1743-1791; m. Eleanore Stanwood.
(E) John: 1746-1832; m. Jane Potter.
(a) John: 1771-1849; m. Susannah Patten. Ch.: Robert Patten (b. 1806), Rankin (b. 1808), John (b. 1809).
(b) William: 1773-1857; m. Martha Manning. Ch.: William (b. 1805).
(c) Alexander: b. 1778; m. Hannah Larrabee. Ch.: Nehemia (b. 1802), Nelson (b. 1805).
(d) Hugh: 1785-1867; m. Isabella Owen. Ch.: Thomas (b. 1826).
(F) Robert: 1752-1815; m. Jane Grace.
(a) Thomas: b. 1775; m. Martha Hunt.
(b) James: b. 1783; m. Ann (Nancy) Rogers.
(2) George: 1704-1801; m. Ann Ferguson; m. (2), Sarah Wyman.
(A) John: 1745-1829; m. Ann Cochrane; m. (2), Ann Crombie.
(a) George: 1772-1841; m. Beatrice Mains.
1. John: b. 1809; m. Merindo H. Bond.
(b) James: 1776-1853; m. Hannah Parker.
(B) Alexander: 1761-1839; m. Catherine Smart.
(C) William: b. 1766.
(a) Ferguson: m. Ruby Oliver.
(b) James: b. 1803; m. Sarah Ann Morse.
(c) William: m. Sarah Ann Clifford.
(D) George: 1770-1839; m. Martha Wyman. Ch.: George (b. 1806).
(E) Francis: 1773-1796; m. Susannah Campbell.
(a) John Campbell: b. 1799; m. Abigail Stinson.
(b) Francis: b. 1817; m. Susannah Rowe.
(c) Frederick: b. 1821; m. Margaret E. Hinckley.
(F) Nathaniel: 1776-1865; m. Nancy Campbell.
(3) Patrick: 1706-1796; m. Ann …….
(A) George: b. in Bristol: m. Hannah Nichols.

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