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Genealogy of the Cherokee Sanders Family

Instructions on how to interpret this information

2 Eli Sanders. Elmira Eldridge, Catherine Dilingham nee Clyne and Lucy Thornton nee Crittenden
11 Susannah. Mitchell Sanders A34
1112 George Sanders. Jennie Pritchett
2 Alexander Sanders. Peggy Sonicooie A35
OK 3 John Sanders. Dorcas Smith
4 Andrew Sanders. Mary Brewster
5 David Sanders. Susie Peacock
6 Nannie Sanders. George Harlan and Ambrose Harnage A36
7 Agnes Sanders. Jacob Alberty
8 Jennie Sanders. William Crittenden
111213 Elsie Sanders. Maxwell Chambers
2 Walter Chambers. Sallie and Elizabeth
OK 3 Samuel Sanders* Ghi-ga-u Meanman
4 James Sanders. Dorcas Fields
5 Nannie Sanders. Joseph Spears
6 Elizabeth Sanders*
7 Nicholas Byers Sanders. Sallie Eagle
8 Jesse Sanders. Caroline Catron
112213 George Sanders. Elsie
2 Mitchell Sanders. and Polly Overtaker
3 John Sanders*
4 Thomas Sanders. Nannic Sonicooie
5 Jennie Sanders John Winters
6 Richard Sanders
7 Andrew Sanders. Elizabeth Butler nee Puppy and Araminta Starr nee McCoy
8 Mary Sanders. Isaac Ragsdale
9 Ellis Sanders* Elizabeth McCoy
113213 Agnes Sanders. Isaac Childers
2 Robert Sanders. Mary McCreary
OK 3 Alexander Sanders


4  Isaac Sanders. Jennie Campbell


5 Benjamin Sanders. Nana and Rachel
6 David Sanders. Tiana Overtaker
7 Edward Sanders. Agnes Rattlinggoourd
8 Elizabeth Sanders. Nathan Childers
9 Margaret Sanders. John Colwell


10 Moses Sanders*


11 Charles Sanders. Elizabeth Jane Daniel
114213 Thompson Sanders. Nakie Lee
2 Annie Sanders. William Richardson, Charles Fargo and Eli Sutton

A34. Michael Sanders, an Englishman from Virginia married Susie, a full blood Cherokee of the Bird clan.

A35. Alexander Sanders killed Chief Doublehead in a drunken brawl at Hiwassee Ferry in the summer of 1 807. He was a Captain of the Cherokee allies of General Andrew Jackson in 1814. It is said his name is on the military rolls as Jeremiah.

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