Slave Narrative of R. C. Smith

Person Interviewed: R. C. Smith Occupation: Prophet One morning in May I heard a poor rebel say; “The federal’s a home guard Dat called me from home…” I wish I was a merchant And could write a fine hand, I’d write my love a letter So she would understand. I wish I had a drink

Slave Narrative of Eva Strayhorn

Person Interviewed: Eva Strayhorn Place of Birth: Johnson County, Clarksville, Arkansas When I was a child in Arkansas we used to go to camp-meetings with the white folks. We went right along by they side till we got to church and we set down on the back seat. We took part in all the services.

Slave Narrative of J. W. Stinnett

Person Interviewed: J. W. Stinnett Place of Birth: Grayson County, Prairie Grove, Texas Date of Birth: 1863 What with raising nine grandchildren whose mammy is dead, this old head of mine has too many troubles to remember much about them slave days, but anyways I was born in 1863, at a place in Grayson County, Texas,

Slave Narrative of Johnson Thompson

Person Interviewed: Johnson Thompson Place of Birth: Texas Date of Birth: December 1853 Just about two weeks before the coming of Christmas Day in 1853, I was born on a plantation somewheres eight miles east of Bellview, Rusk County, Texas. One year later my sister Phyllis was born on the same place and we been

Slave Narrative of Jim Threat

Person Interviewed: Jim Threat Place of Birth: Talidiga County, Alabama Date of Birth: September 1851 We all sung dat song and had a lot of fun singing it but it was true jest the same. Dat was one of the things dat the niggers dreaded most, was a patteroller. Slaves would have a little party

Slave Narrative of Acemey Wofford

Person Interviewed: Acemey Wofford Date of Birth: June 13 Age: 100 (about) The folks say I’m about 100 years old but there’s no way of me telling about that. I remember the master told me I was born on June 13, but I don’t know what was the year. Maybe I know once, but not

Treaty of October 18, 1865

Articles of a treaty made and concluded at the council-ground on the Little Arkansas River eight miles from the mouth of said river, in the State of Kansas, on the eighteenth day of October, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty-five, by and between John B. Sanborn, William S. Harney,

Rankin Cemetery, Cass County, Texas

On Abandoned Farm Near Hughes Springs, Cass County, Texas CARTER, Alvin, 11/10/1900 – 1/10/1902 Odie, 1/20/1898 – 3/3/1923 Wesley, 1/1/1897 – 1/21/1897 CLONINGER, A. B., 2/7/1887 – 6/10/1923 Amanda G., 1/6/1847 – 5/5/1901 (Husband: A. B. Cloninger) John, 11/15/1804 – 4/2/1898, (Wife: Levina) Levina, 11/28/1806 – 9/8/1867, (Husband: John Cloninger) Netty T., 2/1/1875 – 5/30/1875,

Hickory Hill Cemetery, Cass County, Texas

Surveyed on 10/23/1960 BALL, J. A., 1/2/1828 – 2/7/1889, (Wife: Martha Ball) Martha, 6/8/1828 – 6/22/1900, (Husband: J. A. Ball) Robert, 7/30/1870 – 1/16/1888, (Father: J. A. Ball) William P., 11/22/1851 – 8/11/1880 BOON, Alfred, 12/8/1878 – 9/28/1880, (Father: J. J. Boon) Infant Son, 5/1/1878 Wilbert, 10/9/1888 – 7/4/1901 BRABHAM, L. L., 4/22/1859 – 9/12/1932

Hopewell Baptist Church, Sardis, Cass County, Texas

Surveyed on 10/26/1960 ANDERSON, Bobbie Allen, 1917 – 1948 BEAL, J. H., 12/19/1856 – 5/26/1929, (Wife: Susan) Susan, 8/28/1955 BEARD, John, no birth date – 3/15/1957 Dr. Tom, 1/14/1899 – 12/24/1952 BLANTON, W. Lewis, 4/27/1871 – 12/7/1932, (Wife: Nannie M) Nannie M, 4/24/1878 – 12/11/1952, (Husband: W. Lewis) BODWELL, Tim, 6/6/1941 – 8/11/1941 BOOKER, G.

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