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Alabama Archives

The Alabama Archives center or better known as ADAH has a treasure trove of information available for genealogists and historians of Alabama ancestry. Many of the larger communities have also built archive centers open to the public for research. We provide specific links below, to all of the Alabama archives that we’re aware of.



  1. This site of Access Genealogy is a wonderful site. I hate that this is the first time that I have found it. Ancestry is down at this time, and that is why I discovered it, I have been working on my family 20 plus years this site has some great resources. You should tell people on facebook about this site more often. Keep up the great work.

    Friend in Digging up the history of my FAMILY.

    • Chrissie, thank you for the kind words. This website has been in existence online since 1999 and has always been a leader in attempting to provide access to online genealogy, either directly through our own content, or by linking out to the other websites online with content. Unfortunately, being free, we don’t have a large voice like the Ancestry’s of the world, and rely on our visitors to spread the word for us. A true fact of genealogical research, is not all the data can be found on Ancestry – no matter how hard they try to make it so. There will always be other websites providing a different interpretation, or a different set of data. It’s important that everyone branch out and insure they’ve checked all of the resources available online and offline for their family tree.



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