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This page represents 37 free historical newspapers spread out over the state of Missouri since its founding into the 1900’s. All of them have at least a partial online representation.

WPA Annals of Cleveland, 1818-1937

Annals of Cleveland - 1845

During the New Deal Era, workers of Annals of Cleveland staff summarized and indexed material from early Cleveland newspapers, beginning with the inaugural issue of the city’s first paper, the July 31, 1818 Cleaveland Gazette and Commercial Register. The project provided jobs for unemployed white-collar workers during the Depression of the 1930s and created an important record of early life and thought in the city of Cleveland.

Lowell Massachusetts Newspaper Archives 1837-1893

Lowell Daily Courier

The following digitized newspapers are provided by University of Massachusetts at Lowell. They cover various newspapers published in Lowell Massachusetts during the years of 1837-1893 and under the banners of “The Lowell Courier”, “The Lowell Daily Courier”, “Lowell Daily Journal and Courier”, and the “Lowell Advertiser.” Lacking issues, mutilated and missing pages. At this time

Yearbooks of the Rogers Hall School, Lowell MA 1900-1973

Splinters - Rogers Hall School Paper

The University of Massachusetts at Lowell digitized 35 bound volumes of the Rogers Hall School monthly paper during the years of 1900-1973. The paper during this period was known as “The Spindle”. Each volume contains several years of the Rogers Hall school papers. School papers often provide a window into student life. From sports teams to clubs, fashions to hairstyles, these volumes document the changing attitudes and culture of high school students year by year.

History of the Courier Newspaper – Lowell Massachusetts

Lowell Daily Courier

A history of the Lowell Massachusetts Daily Courier newspaper and the people who built it over the years.

North Dakota Newspapers Online

Second issue of the Frontier Scout, published on 14 July 1864

A large collection of freely available newspapers online for the state of North Dakota, both historical and current. These listings are provided by town/city of publication, and years available.

Catholic Sioux Herald Newspaper 1896-1912

Legend of the S'ina-sapa-wocekiye-taeyanpaha

By the treaty of Washington Apr. 19, 1858, the Yankton Sioux ceded all their lands in South Dakota, excepting a reservation on the north bank of Missouri river, where they have since remained in peace with the whites. Rev. Jerome Hunt and the St. Paul’s Catholic Indian Mission of the Yankton Tribe of the Sioux Indians, at Fort Trotten, published the S’ina sapa wocekiye taeyanpaha (short name of Eyanpaha) for at least the years of 1896-1912 in the Yankton Sioux native language and in English. This newspaper, who’s English translation of it’s name means the Catholic Sioux Herald was published for the Yankton Sioux residing on the reservation about Fort Trotten. Many of the issues from this newspaper have been retained and are presented below. Some of these are labelled as “supplements.” You’ll have to scrounge around a little to find articles in the English language, but they do exist.

The Winchester Star 1901-1951

Winchester Star

The Winchester Star is the paper of record for the town of Winchester, Massachusetts and was a weekly publication, coming out on Friday of each week. These files presently contain digital images of the Star from January 4, 1901 through December 26, 1947 (more to come). The Winchester Star liked to publish items of an historical nature, from biographies of leading citizens (past and present) to items of history in reference to events which occurred in the past in Winchester. The publisher also filled his pages with photographs, and it’s possible that you may find your Winchester ancestors photo within it’s pages, albeit, a paper photograph, while not ideal, may be the only likeness you have for an ancestor.

Coosa County, Alabama Newspapers

Hosted at Coosa County, USGenWeb Archives Project Archie Hendrix Darden Visits The Chronicle Marriage Of Ben Carden And Laura Lessley, Coosa, Alabama Big Turkey Dinner (H.W. Pond) – Coosa, Al Bugs In The Corn, Coosa, Al New Coosa County Officers Of 1936, Coosa, Alabama E. E. Calloway Enters Law School, Coosa, Alabama Hotel At Equality

Dale County, Alabama Newspapers

Hosted at Dale County, USGenWeb Archives Project Abstracts From The Banner Newspaper, December 1, 1892, Dale, Alabama Abstracts From The Banner Newspaper, December 8, 1892, Dale, Alabama Abstracts From The Banner Newspaper, December 15, 1892, Dale, Alabama Abstracts From The Banner Newspaper, December 29, 1892, Dale, Alabama Abstracts From The Banner Newspaper, June 30, 1892,

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