Marriage to Velma Yarborough

I had went with several girls but had not given much thought about marriage. Doubt I would ever have married as long as my mother lived. I was going with Velma YARBOROUGH. We got married in September [1920]. Dad and I made a good crop. We thrashed 1300 bushels of oats. Our corn and cotton

Move to Neosho Missouri

The next year we moved to NEOSHO [Not sure about the name of this place.] Missouri. Me and Dad and my older brothers worked on a fruit farm called the SOEAKMAN farm. We stayed up there until the fruit harvest was over then we moved back to FLINT. Dad rented a place from Rich BECK

Swimming at the Lower Falls

When I went to Shady Grove I went to school with Herb BYNUM and his brother [probably Leonard who later married his sister Eva] also Bill and John TIGUE and their sisters. There was a big hole of water down on 14 mile creek. It is what they call the lower falls. It has a

Trading Horses

The first day we made it to Flint OK. We stayed all night with Bob BENNETT. A man that used to be our neighbor when we lived at Flint. The next morning we started on east we got into Gentry Arkansas late that evening. We run onto a man that had a farm close by

Walter Alexander Neel

Walter Alexander Neel

Peggs Cyclone of May 2, 1920

On May the 2nd in 1920 there came a cyclone and blowed Peggs away. It killed about 100 people. It come on a Sunday night about 8:00. Peggs was a little country town with about 6 good stores, 2 drug stores, 2 cotton gins, a hotel, 3 churches, a good school. There was a lot

Move to the Davis Nursing Home

I went to the Davis nursing home and stayed 4 months while they were building onto the house. I was about ready to go home when I took sick on Saturday night. I was visited by about 10 angels. They come in my room about 8 o’clock at night and stayed until 3 o’clock in

A Little Family Genealogy

My dad was Alex NEEL. He passed away in 1927 [Feb 1st]. My mothers maiden name was HANEY. She was born in Missouri and she passed away in 1920 [25th of July]. Dad had three brothers, Tom NEEL, Calvin NEEL and Oscor NEEL. Grandpa NEEL [William Calvin NEEL Sr.] was born in Illinois [Marion County.]

Recollections of My Life

Walter A. Neel

Part of an exclusive collection of material on the Bee, Neel, and Proctor families. This specific collection comes from a hand written 90 page auto-biography by Walter Alexander Neel. Walter spent most of his adult life in Oklahoma, much of it in the small community of Peggs Oklahoma in Cherokee County, where he “served” as the unofficial mayor. From his upbringing to his later life Walter shares his humble experiences, and in the process, gives us insight to the lives of at least some of the area occupants who may have crossed his path.

Brush Harbor Revival Meeting

There was a Brush Harbor revival meeting going on 3 miles east of us. Henry WATKINS was holding it [in charge of it and the preacher too]. We were going and we were going to ride with my wife’s brother, Jim YARBOROUGH, and his wife. We was ready to go and were waiting on them

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