Georgia Volunteers for the War with Mexico

The admission of Texas into the Union was the immediate and obvious cause of the war between the United States and Mexico, but a desire to extend the national boundaries was undoubtedly a factor which influenced the American people to welcome a fight with their hostile neighbors on the South. Furthermore, acts of cruelty credited

Georgia Light Infantry – Columbus Muscogee County Georgia

J. S. CALHOUN, Captain. E. R. GOULDING, 1st Lieutenant. H. C. ANDERSON, 2d Lieutenant. W. B. PHILLIPS, 1st Sergeant. ASA B. HOXIE, 2d Sergeant. W. T. SMITH, 3d Sergeant. M. H. BLANDFORD, 4th Sergeant. R. R. HOWARD, 1st Corporal. A. SCOTT, 2d Corporal. TH. REYNOLDS, 3d Corporal. GEO. LINDSAY, 4th Corporal. Privates E. C. Allen

Canton Volunteers – Canton Cherokee County Georgia

K. GRAMLING, Captain. A. KEATH, 1st Lieutenant. W. F. MULLENS, 2d Lieutenant. W. G. GRAMLING, 1st Sergeant. S. J. COOK, 2d Sergeant. D. F. DANIEL, 3d Sergeant. N. F. STRAIN, 4th Sergeant. JOHN G. RHODES, 1st Corporal. ALLEN MOODY, 2d Corporal. ROBT. S. KNOX, 3d Corporal. JOSHUA HUGHES, 4th Corporal. Privates William T. Archer George

Kenesaw Rangers – Marietta Cobb County Georgia

A. NELSON, Captain. JAS. M. DOBBS, 1st Lieutenant. W. J. MANAHAN, 2d Lieutenant J. H. MEHAFFEY, 1St Sergeant. H. TROTTER, 2d Sergeant. ANDREW B. REED, 3d Sergeant. JOSERP H. WINTERS, 4th Sergeant. S. M. ANDERSON, 1st Corporal. WM. D. NEAL, 2d Corporal. WM. D. GRAY, 3d Corporal. WM. H. CRAFT, 4th Corporal. Privates W. A.

Fannin Avengers – Pike County Georgia

H. J. SARGENT Captain. G. D. ALEXANDER, 1st Lieutenant. H. B. HOLLIDAY, 2d Lieutenant. F. M. ISON, 1st Sergeant. G. D. JOHNSON, 2d Sergeant. WILLIAM F. MOORE, 3d Sergeant. ROBT. LATTIMER, 4th Sergeant. ALEX. 0. REED, 1st Corporal. T. D. PERTODY, 2d Corporal JOS. JOHNSON, 3d Corporal BENJ. F. INGRAHAM, 4th Corporal Privates Jonathan Allen

Crawford Guards – Moscogee County Georgia

JOAN JONES, Captain. R. G. MITCHELL, 1st Lieutenant. J. S. DISMUKES, 2d Lieutenant. T. SCHOONMAKER, 1st Sergeant. H. S. TISDALE, 2d Sergeant. A. M. SAULS, 3d Sergeant. D. A. WINN, 4th Sergeant.. JOHN MAY, 1st Corporal. JOHN LOCHABY, 2d Corporal. JAS. B. WELLS, 3d Corporal. N. J. PEABODY, 4th Corporal. Privates Matthew Allen William Barbarce

Sumter County Volunteers – Americus Georgia

J. A. S. TURNER, Captain. 0. C. HORNE, 1st Lieutenant. J. COTTLE, 2d Lieutenant. S. P. WOODWARD, 1st Sergeant. N. N. THOMPSON, 2d Sergeant. L. T. TAYLOR, 3d Sergeant. G. HUGHES, 4th Sergeant. H. EDWARDS, 1st Corporal. C. H. COTTLE, 2d Corporal. M. S. THOMPSON, 3d Corporal. W. A. ELKINS, 4th Corporal. Privates Jeremiah B.

Macon Guards

ISAAC HOLMES, Captain. E. L. SHELTON, 1st Lieutenant. E. S. RODGERS, 2d Lieutenant WM. D. GRIFFIN, 1st Sergeant. J. B. CUMMING, 2d Sergeant J. A. McGREGOR, 3d Sergeant P. J. SHANNON, 4th Sergeant. A. B. ROSS, 1st Corporal. EDWIN HARRIS, 2d Corporal THOS. E. ORCUTT, 3d Corporal R. T. McGREGOR, 4th Corporal Privates James A.

Jasper Greens – Savannah Georgia

J. MCMANON, Captain. G. CURLETTE, 1st Lieutenant. D. O’CONNER, 2d Lieutenant JNO. DEVAVY, 1st Sergeant. M. CAREY, 2d Sergeant. P. MARTIN, 3d Sergeant. LEO. WYLLY, 4th Sergeant. M. FERRY, lst Corporal. P. TIERNEY, 2d Corporal. T. BOURSE, 3d Corporal. OWEN RIELLY, 4th Corporal. Privates. William Bandy W. D. Burke P. Bossu Francis Camfield James Chalmers

Richmond Blues – Augusta Georgia

D. W. DILL, Captain. J. PHINIZY, 1st Lieutenant. A. H. MCLAWES, 2d Lieutenant. W. PHILLIPS, 1st Sergeant. D. D. MCMURPHY, 2d Sergeant. R. H. RINGGOLD, 3d Sergeant. J. F. GLOVER, 4th Sergeant. S. JOHNSON, 1st Corporal. H. BAKER, 2d Corporal. A. PHILLIP, 3d Corporal. G. GORDON, 4th Corporal. Privates. Francis Agnew Benjamin Ansley William Archy

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