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Wisconsin Gold Star List – Outagamie County

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Ackerman, Harvey 0., 29, Appleton; corp 54inf; defsec; dw Sept 27, ’18.

Allen, Samuel J., 22, Shiocton ; pvt 1cl 7tnhq MP ; overseas ; dd (pneu) Sept 17, ’18.

Belonger, Wilbur S., 24, New London; pvt inf Camp Hancock Sept rpldrft; dd (pneu) Oct 7, ’18.

Bodde, George N., 24, Kaukauna; pvt 1cl 58inf; kia Aug 6, ’18.

Boehler, John W., 21, Appleton; WNG; Mex Bdr; pvt 150mgbn; on all fronts with 42div; dw Oct 29, ’18.

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Bogan, Cylus, 18, Appleton; pvt 61inf; U. S.; d (ptomaine poisoning, accident) Feb 28, ’18.

Brill, Sylvester W., 24, Appleton; WNG; pvt mgtngcntr, Camp Hancock, Ga.; U. S.; dd (pneu) Nov 24, ’18.

Brockman, William L., 24, m, Appleton; WNG; pvt 150mgbn; Auberive, Champagne, Marne, defsec; kia Jy 15, ’18.

Broerem, Bernard, 24, South Kaukauna; pvt fremsq346 QMC; over seas; dd (pneu) Dec 27, ’18.

Brown, William M., 27, Shiocton; WNG; pvt 150mgbn; Auberive; kia Jy 15, ’18.

Casey, Lawrence J., 20, Kaukauna; pvt 1cl 28inf; Cantigny, Argonne; kia Oct 4, ’18.

Coppus, Jacob J., 26, Little Chute ; pvt 353inf; St. Mihiel, MeuseArgonne, defsec; kia Nov 2, ’18.

Creviere, Joseph A., 24, South Kaukauna; pvt mtrkdet; overseas; dd (pneu) Oct 13, ’18.

Danforth, Antone, 27, Oneida; pvt 1cl 30inf; kia Jy 15, ’18.

DeLong, Leonard J., 40, Appleton; sgt 27servco SigC; dd (pneu) Feb 7, ’22.

Dreger, William, 20, North Kaukauna; WNG; pvt 28inf; Grivesne (Somme) ; kia May 2, ’18.

Feavel, Harvey H., 23, Appleton; pvt 332mgbn; overseas; dd (pneu) Oct 2, ’18.

Feter, Carl, m, Appleton; pvt unasgnd; overseas; dd (pneu) Nov 1,’18.

Fisher, Charles, 31, Black Creek ; pvt 47inf; kia Aug 3, ’18.

Floo, Louis, 23, South Kaukauna; WNG; corp 128inf; St. Gilles, Juvigny, Marne Woods ; dw Oct 6, ’18.

Gruenewald, Noah E., 22, Black Creek; pvt hq 12infbrig; overseas; dd (pneu) Oct 3, ’18.

Hageman, William, 22, Appleton; pvt 150mgbn; Auberive; dw Jy 17, ’18.

Hammond, Harley Vivian, 25, Hortonville; WNG; pvt MD 127inf;

Alsace, Roncheres, Fismes, Juvigny, Argonne; dw Oct 25, ’18.

Haslee, Herbert E., 27, Kaukauna; corp 4prvnltngregt; overseas; dd (pneu) Dec 20, ’18.

Heiss, William, 20, Appleton; sgt 150mgbn; Auberive, Fere en Tardenois ; kia Jy 30, ’18.

Hietpas, George, 21, Kaukauna; pvt inf Camp Shelby Nov rpldrft; U. S.; dd (pneu) Nov 15,’18.

Jahnke, Herman 0., 25, Appleton; sgt 150mgbn; Auberive, Fere en

Tardenois, St. Mihiel; dd (pneu) Oct 11, ’18.

Johnson, Adolph, 31, Leeman; pvt 354inf; St. Mihiel, Verdun sec; kia Nov 1, ’18.

Johnston, Everette 0., 27, Appleton ; sgt 150mgbn; Fere en Tardenois sec ; kia Jy 29,118.

Kirby, Henry, 28, Appleton ; pvt 28inf; Cantigny ; kia May 29, ’18.

Kling, John E., 22, Dale; pvt 56inf; kia Nov 11, ’18.

Kluess, Raymond G., 22, Appleton; pvt MD, Raritan Arsenal, N. J.; U; S.; dd (duodenal ulcer) Nov 29, ’18.

Koehler, Carl Fred, Bear Creek; pvt mgtngcntr, Camp Hancock; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 7, ’18.

Koehne, Arthur, 22, Kaukauna; pvt 150mgbn; Auberive, Fere en Tardenois, St. Mihiel; kia Oct 14, ’18.

Kositzke, Arthur, Appleton; pvt 150mgbn; kia Jy 16, ’18.

Krause, Robert G., 30, Seymour; corp 58inf; dw Oct 10, ’18.

Lang, William J., 31, Appleton; WNG; ck 150mgbn; battle before Auberive ; kia Jy 22,118.

Lange, Paul, 23, Bovina; pvt 346inf; overseas; dd (empyema) Jan 1, ’18.

Learmann, Reingold R. 0., 22, New London ; pvt 159depbrig; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 1, ’18.

Lewandowski, Frank C., 28, Appleton; pvt mgtngcntr, Camp Hancock; U. S.; dd (acute pharyngitis) Sept 17,’18.

Loesselyong, Peter, 24, Center; pvt 9inf; kia Oct 3, ’18.

McDaniel, George Patrick, 26, Kaukauna ; pvt 159depbrig; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 12, ’18.

McHugh, John C., 23, Shiocton; pvt 55inf; overseas; dd (pneu) Nov 12, ’18.

Mach, Edward, 26, Kewaunee; pvt 1cl FH338 310sntn; overseas; dd (empyema) Mch 4,’i8.

Malliet, Edward J., 31, Bear Creek ; pvt 354inf; St. Mihiel, Verdun, Argonne; dw Nov 1, ’18.

Metoxen, Joseph F., 28, Oneida; corp 9amtn; overseas; dd (pneu) Jan 11,’19.

Mielke, Albert, Black Creek ; pvt 129inf; d Nov 12, ’18.

Miller, Leo M., 27, Hortonville; corp 107suptn; overseas; dd (pneu) June 29, ’18.

Mullen, William J., 25, Appleton; pvt 141mgbn; overseas; dd (pneu) Nov 17, ’18.

Neunfeldt, Ray John, 22, Appleton; pvt 161depbrig; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 13,’18.

Nooyen, George R., 21, Little Chute; WNG; pvt 1cl telbn 7armyc; Vosges, St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne; dd (pneu) Feb 12, ’19.

Norenberg, Carl, 32, m, Appleton; WNG; pvt 150mgbn; Auberive; kia Jy 15, ’18.

Oberthur, Henry, 25, Kaukauna ; pvt 26inf; kia Oct 5, ’18.

Ogilvie, Andrew G., 25, m, Appleton; corp 159depbrig; U. S.; dd (mening) Nov 8,’18.

Olsen, Sherman, Black Creek; pvt 1cl 47inf; dw Sept 30, ’18.

Phelps, Lester N., 27, Appleton; pvt 418aerconstrsq, Vancouver

Barracks, Wash. ; U. S.; dd (pneu) Dec 18, ’18.

Pierre, Harvey V., 19, Appleton ; pvt 150mgbn; trenches, Auberive; kia Jy 15, ’18.

Recker, Edward J., 21, Appleton; pvt 12amtn; overseas; dd (pneu) Jan 6, ’19.

Reinhard, Walter 0., 27, m, Hortonville; 1Lt 15suptn; dd (pneu) at Camp Custer.

Ruppel, Elain A., 23, Hortonville; pvt 1cl 338inf; Champagne, St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne; dd (mening) Apr 13,’19.

Schaefer, Frank William, 23, South Kaukauna; WNG; pvt 1cl 28 inf; Cantigny, Soissons, Argonne, Sedan; kia Nov 7, ’18.

Schaffelke, William G., 24, Appleton; WNG; pvt 150mgbn; kia Jy 15 ’18.

Schaller, Theodore L., 29, New London; pvt 310inf; Champignelles; kia Nov 1, ’18.

Schmaling, Victor H., 23, Center; pvt 16inf; dw Jy 24, ’18.

Schmit, Reno, 27, Hortonville; pvt 59inf; Marne; kia Jy 19, ’18.

Schneider, Fred P., Appleton; corp 12amtn; U. S.; dd (pneu) Dec 28, ’18.

Sengstock, Edward J., 22, Shiocton; pvt 237aersq SigC; U. S.; dd (pneu and sc fev) Jan 23, ’18.

Smith, Ernest A., 22, Bear Creek; pvt 158depbrig; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 5’18.

Sprangers, Michael, 19, South Kaukauna; pvt 28inf; kia May 28, ’18.

Swann, James L., 23, Appleton; pvt 2prvnlregt Spruce Production Div avsect SigC; U. S.; dd (pneu) Apr 24,’18.

Thelen, Paul P., 31, Appleton ; clk MD FH244 11 sntn ; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 8,’18.

Tippett, Ralph W., 27, Appleton ; 2Lt 11inf; St. Mihiel ; kia Sept 12, ’18.

Van Den Bosch, Henry, 26, Kaukauna; pvt inf Camp MacArthur Sept rpldrft; overseas; dd (pneu) Oct 12, ’18.

Van Den Broeck, Martin, 19, South Kaukauna; pvt 28inf; kia Jy 20, ’18.

Van Linn, Peter John, 19, Kaukauna; pvt 28inf; Cantigny; w May 27; kia Jy 20, ’18.

Van Roy, Leo, 25, South Kaukauna; pvt 3bn farpldrft; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 9, ’18.

Verbeten, Peter, 23, Kaukauna; pvt 28inf; Cantigny, Soissons, St. Mihiel, Argonne; w Jy 18; kia Oct 1, ’18.

Ver Hagen, William, 24, Appleton ; pvt 159depbrig; overseas ; dd (influ) Oct 8, ’18.

Weinfurter, Edward J., 23, Appleton; pvt 1cl 150mgbn; all fronts, including Fere en Tardenois; w Jy 18,’18; dw.

Wheelock, Casper, 19, Oneida; corp 61inf; St. Mihiel, Rabideau, Meuse (both battles) ; dd (tuberc) Dec 19, ’18.

Witthun, Elmer W., 28, Appleton ; pvt 15bn MD, Camp Greenleaf ; U. S.; dd (pneu) Oct 17,’18.

Wolff, Edwin A., 27, Black Creek; pvt 323remsq QMC; overseas; dd (pneu) Nov 27, ’18.

Wyro, Edward C., 22, Kaukauna; pvt 1cl 150mgbn; kia Oct 14, ’18.

Zachow, Harold Monroe, 20, Appleton ; pvt 1cl MD 127inf; kia Sept 1, ’18.


Brill, William Peter, 24, Appleton; seaman 2c1; dd (pneu) Naval Hospital, Great Lakes, Ill., Sept 21, ’18.

Gillespie, William James, near Appleton; app seaman; dd (pneu) Naval Hospital, Great Lakes, III., Oct 22, ’18.

King, William, Oneida; fireman 3cl; d Naval Hospital, Norfolk, Va., Apr 26, ’18.

Kiuth, Walter Herman, 24, Bear Creek; mach mate 2cl; lost in sinking of US submarine chaser No. 60, Oct 1, ’18.

Layman, Andrew Jule, 23, near Bear Creek; fireman 3cl; d Naval Hospital, Chelsea, Mass., Mch 20, ’18.

McGrahn, Leo John, 23, Appleton; seaman 2c1; dd (pneu) USS Solace, Base Hospital No. 2, Yorktown, Va., Oct 8, ’18.

O’Connor, Clarence Patrick, 19, Appleton; seaman 2cl; d Naval Hospital, Great Lakes, Jan 18, ’19.

Van Laanen, Frank, near Oneida; app seaman; dd (influ) Naval Hospital, Great Lakes, Ill., Oct 11, ’18.

Werner, August Julius, 26, Seymour; fireman 2c1; dd (influ) Naval Hospital, League Island, Pa., Feb 6, ’19.

Williamson, James Edward, 20, Little Chute; seaman 2cl; d Naval Hospital, New York City, Feb 11, ’19.

Zuleger, August, 25, Appleton; asst master at arms; drowned at sea Sept 17, ’18.

MLA Source Citation:

Gregory, John Goadby. Wisconsin's gold star list; soldiers, sailors, marines, and nurses from the Badger state who died in the federal service during the world war. State Historical Society of Wisconsin. 1925. Web. 25 August 2016.
- Last updated on May 3rd, 2013

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