J. Rendall, who is engaged in the foundry business as a maker of brass, bronze and aluminum castings, is one of the substantial citizens of Racine who claims Scotland as the land of his birth. He was born at Westra, Orkney Islands, June 22, 1879, his parents being Thomas and Ann (Reed) Rendall, who, in the year 1887, arrived in Racine. The father was a fisherman in Scotland and engaged in the same business in this country for a short time, at the end of which period, however, he turned his attention to the molding trade, in which he has since been engaged.

William J. Rendall was a youth of eight years when the family bade adieu to the land of hills and heather and sailed for “the land of the free.” Spending his youthful days in his parents’ home in Racine, he attended the Franklin school and when nineteen years of age began learning the molder’s trade as an employee of the Lakeside Malleable Iron Company, with which he remained for twelve years. In that connection he steadily worked his way upward, thoroughly acquainting himself with every phase of the business, and his excellent workmanship and fidelity won him promotion until he became foundry foreman. He severed his association with that company to engage in business on his own account, establishing his foundry at Seventeenth Street and Morton avenue on the 20th of June. 1910. He there erected two buildings sixty by eighty feet and the foundry is supplied with all of the latest equipments and modern appliances for the manufacture of brass, bronze and aluminum castings. He has now secured a liberal patronage and employs from six to eight men. On the 31st of October, 1908, Mr. Rendall was united in marriage to Miss Jessie Scatter, who is also a native of Westra, Orkney Islands. They have four children, namely: Jessie Ann, Elizabeth Marion, Thomas Scatter and David Williams.

The religious faith of the family is that of the Presbyterian Church, and Mr. Rendall is a member of the Caledonian Society. In his business activity he has laid the foundation for his success. Whatever he has achieved or enjoyed has been won through his earnest labor, and diligence has ever been one of his marked characteristics. He has never sought to figure prominently in ally public light, but has concentrated his efforts upon industrial pursuits and has thus contributed to the material development and business activity which have made Racine a great manufacturing center.