George Fritchen is a representative of one of the old families of Raymond Township, represented in this County for sixty-five years, for it was in 1851 that his parents, William and Gertrude (Fettin) Fritchen, established their home in this part of the state. They were both natives of Germany, the former born near Krehfeldt. In the fatherland they were reared and married and then, determining to try their fortune on this side the Atlantic, they sailed for the United States and in 1851 reached Racine County, becoming residents of Raymond Township. They were in very limited financial circumstances and Mr. Fritchen began working on the railroad but carefully saved his earnings and when the sum was sufficient purchased forty acres of land. With characteristic energy he began to cultivate and improve that place and afterward he was able to extend its boundaries by the purchase of an additional tract of forty acres. He thereafter continued to reside on the old homestead until his life’s labors were ended in death and he transformed the place into a highly improved property, the fields annually bringing to him rich harvests. His religious faith was that of the Lutheran church and his study of political questions and issues led him to give his support to the Republican Party, so that at the polls he voted always for its men and measures. To him and his wife were born five children, four of whom are yet living: Tillman and Henry, who are residents of Yorkville Township; William, who is employed in one of the shops of Racine; and George.

The last named was born on the homestead farm in Raymond Township on the 11th of September, 1867, and at the usual age began his education in the district schools. He started out in life on his own account when his textbooks were put aside and has always carried on the occupation to which he was reared-the occupation of farming, of which George Washington said: “It is the most useful as Ivell as the most honorable occupation of man.” He now has eighty acres of land and carries on general farming, also raising a large number of chickens of the Black Minorca breed, having about four or five hundred.

On the 19th of December, 1901, Mr. Fritchen was married to Miss Augusta Schroder, a daughter of August and Doris (Siefert) Schroder, the former a native of Mecklenburg and the latter of Pommern, Germany. On coming to America they made their way to Milwaukee in the early ’50s and soon afterward crossed the boarder into Racine County, after which the father purchased a farm in Raymond Township, devoting his remaining days to the cultivation and improvement of that place. Mr. and Mrs. Fritchen have become the parents of two children, Maude and Raleigh.

Mr. Fritchen supports the Republican Party and keeps well informed on the questions and issues of the day. He has never sought nor desired office, as he feels that his time is fully occupied with his business interests. He has always lived in this County, has always carried on farming and has always governed his conduct, by rules which have made him one of the substantial, respected and worthy citizens of his community.