Arthur C. Harris, manager at Racine for the Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Company, was born in Jackson, Michigan. He passed through consecutive grades in the public schools until he became a high school student and took his initial step in the business world as an employee of the Commonwealth Power Company in his native city. He afterward worked his way upward, becoming sales manager of the power department. His entire life experience has been along this line, bringing him constantly broadening knowledge and efficiency. He was also with the Grand Rapids-Muskegon Company of Grand Rapids as sales manager in the commercial power department and in 1910 he came to Racine to accept the position of sales manager at this point for the Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Company. He has since acted in that capacity as representative of the company in the commercial department and, moreover, is manager for the company at this point. The Milwaukee Electric Railway & Light Company operates the street car system of Racine, also the city light and power systems, besides furnishing power for many private business concerns and corporations. Mr. Harris is thoroughly acquainted with every phase of the business, owing to his long experience in this line, and the fact that he has been promoted from time to time, each change in his connections marking a forward step, is indicative of his marked ability and appreciation of his worth on the part of the corporation which he now represents.

Mr. Harris has made Racine his permanent home with his wife and three children, Eleanor, Welton and Gordon. Fraternally he is identified with the Benevolent Protective Order of Elks. He keeps informed concerning the political situation of the country, but maintains a non-partisan attitude, directing his thought according to the exigencies of the case and the capability of the candidates. He has never sought to figure in political circles or in any public light outside of his business connections, for the field which he entered in early manhood has made call to his ambition and his energy, a call to which he has promptly responded, and the legitimate result of close application and trustworthiness has come to him in his present responsible but remunerative position.