Eugene Walter Leach, engaged in the life insurance business at Racine since 1894 as agent for the Aetna Life Insurance Company and not unknown in literary circles, was born in Excelsior, Hennepin County, Minnesota. September 15. 1857, a son of George W. and Deborah B. (White) Leach. The father was born in Burke. Vermont, and in 1854 made his way to Racine, whence in 1856 he removed to Minnesota, but in 1859 he returned to Racine, where he resided until his death in 1899. He was a railway car builder and was employed continuously for thirty-six years by the Racine & Mississippi Railway Company and its successor, the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul Railway Company. His wife was born near Springfield, Massachusetts.

Brought to Racine when but two years of age, Eugene W. Leach has since been a resident of this city, where he attended the graded and high schools. He became a. woodworker and contractor with the Racine Hardware Manufacturing Company and so continued from 1876 until 1894. In the latter year he embarked in the life insurance business and has since represented the Aetna Life Insurance Company, in which connection he has won a liberal clientage. Moreover, he is well known as the compiler and author of “The Methodist Church & Early Racine.” published in 1912; “Racine County Militant,” a military history of Racine County, published in 1915, and “Yesterday & Today in Racine,” a book of pictorial contrasts. In his political views he is a progressive. He is a member of the Racine Commercial Club and since 1876 has been a loyal member of the First Methodist Episcopal church, while since 1866 he has been active in the Sunday school, and in both organizations has for many years held office.