Ernest Klinkert, who for many years has been identified with the brewing business in Racine, was born in Germany on the 11th of November, 1844. He obtained a common school education in the fatherland and between the ages of twenty and twenty-five years came to the United States. Making his way to Kansas, he was there employed at farm labor and later he went to St. Louis, Missouri, where he secured employment in a brewery. He afterward spent two years in similar work in Milwaukee and in 1875 he arrived in Racine County. Here he worked for the Heck Brewing Company until his labors had brought him sufficient capital to enable him to engage in business on his own account. In 1881 he built a brewery in Racine and has since been engaged in the manufacture of beer in this city, having now a well established plant which brings to him a substantial profit.

In 1871 Mr. Klinkert was married to Miss Sophia Walter and they have six children, Louis, Hattie, Frank, Ella, George and Jennie. The parents are members of the German Lutheran church and as Mr. Klinkert has prospered in his undertakings he has contributed more and more largely to the church and to benevolent projects.