Arthur J. Jonas, dealer in automobiles and proprietor of a garage in which he does both repairing and experimental work, was born in Racine, October 3, 1881, a son of Fred and Julia (Novatny) Jonas. The father, a native of Prague, Bohemia, came to Racine when twenty-four years of age. Fifty-two years ago he established the Bohemian paper Slavie, which he continued to edit and publish until 1904, when he retired and has since lived in Racine, enjoying a well earned rest.

Arthur J. Jonas, spending his youthful days in his parents’ home, pursued his education in the graded and high ‘schools of Racine to the age of nineteen years, when his textbooks were put aside and he made his initial step in the business world. For two years he was employed at the engine works of F. J. Green and then embarked in the manufacture of dental supplies, building up a good business which eight years later he sold to eastern parties. He then organized the garage and bicycle business and he not only does repair but also experimental work in connection with automobiles. He possesses marked mechanical skill and ingenuity and in addition has that executive force which has enabled him to build up a good trade.

In 1906 Mr. Jonas was married to Miss Nora Larson, of Racine, and they have two children: Arthur O., nine years of age: and Dorothy Jeanette, who is in her fifth year. Mr. Jonas has always lived in Racine and by reason of his substantial qualities he has gained many friends among his numerous acquaintances in this city.