The members of the council elected to fill the places left vacant by the expiration of the short term and other causes were:

Jefferson Huff and Ira Patterson from Clarke and Skamania County
C. C. Terry and W. A. Strickler from Pierce and King County
A. M. Poe from Island County,

Clallam, Jefferson, and Whatcom County.

Catlin, of the former council, was chosen president
Butler P. Anderson, Chief Clerk
A. J. Moses, Assistant Clerk
J. L. Mitchell, Sergeant-at-Arms
William Cullison, Doorkeeper

The Lower House was composed of:

William McCool, of Skamania, County;
C. C. Stiles, Chas S. Irby, William Hendrickson, Henry R. Crosbie, of Clarke County
John Briscoe, of Pacific and Wahkiakum County
George Watkins, of Chehalis and Sawamish County
Charles H. Spinning, Charles F. White, of Lewis County
Stephen Guthrie, William Cock, Benjamin L. Henness, William P. Wells Thurston County
William H. Wallace, Frank Clarke, Samuel McCaw, of Pierce County
John Carson, of Pierce and King County
A. A. Denny, of King County
Timothy Heald, of Jefferson and Clallam County
R. L. Doyle, of Island and Whatcom County
A. S. Abernethy, of Cowlitz County
Crosbie was chosen speaker
B. F. Kendall was elected Chief Clerk
R. M. Walker, Assistant Clerk
Milton Mounts, Sergeant-at-Arms
William Baily, Doorkeeper.
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