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Garrisons at Elk Garden Fort

These men are listed as defenders of the frontier in 1774, they did NOT participate in the Battle of Point Pleasant.

Garrisons at Elk Garden Fort

Robert Brown (Maiden Spring)
John Lewis (Elk Garden)
Ericus Smith (Elk Garden)
James Laughlin (Elk Garden)
William Priest (Elk Garden)
Robert Breeze (Elk Garden)
Benjamin Jones (Elk Garden)
Samuel Priest (Elk Garden)
Thomas Jones (Whitton’s Crab Orchard)
Thomas Price (Elk Garden)
Thomas Donelson (Elk Garden)
Robert Donelson (Elk Garden)
Richard Breeze (Whitton’s Crab Orchard)
Thomas Brumly (Maiden Spring)
James Rogers (Maiden Spring)
David Priest (Elk Garden)
Henry Manadue (Elk Garden)
James Anderson (Elk Garden)
Richard Price (Elk Garden)
John Kingkeid (Elk Garden)
David Kingkeid (Elk Garden)

The 29th August all the above men except the first five were discharged. Mr. John Kingkeid was then appointed their Sergeant. The 12th Sept. he took into pay:

James Anderson
Benjamin Jones
David Priest
Samuel Priest
Henry Manadue
Thomas Donelson
Robert Donelson
Thomas Price
Richard Price
David Kingkeid
Robert Brown 2nd Sept.

MLA Source Citation:

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- Last updated on Aug 26th, 2012

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