Wright, L. L., Cornwall, was born in Weybridge, Vt., on June 18, 1811. His parents were Samuel and Electa (Langdon) Wright. Samuel Wright was born in Amherst, Mass., on August 18, 1785, and came with his father, Silas Wright, to Addison county, Vt., in 1796. He died October 4, 1860. Silas Wright was born on March 17, 1760, and settled in Weybridge, Vt., on the place now owned by Mrs. John Childs and son. He had a family of three daughters and four sons, only two of whom are now living — Daniel L. (born on April 20, 1799 ; is a well-known farmer) and Pliny (a lawyer, who was born on December 14, 1805; is now a resident of Canton, N. Y.), where he occupies the residence of his late brother, Governor Wright, who was governor of New York State, and died on August 27, 1847, and was the second son of Silas. His eldest son, Samuel, remained on the home place in Weybridge, Vt., where he spent the greater part of his life. He had a family of three children — L. L., Electa A. (now Mrs. Chester Elmer; was born on October 3, 1815), and Samuel O. (born on November 10, 1818; now lives in Weybridge). L. L. Wright received his education in the common schools of Cornwall, Vt., and was brought up to farming, and remained at home until his marriage to Sarah A. Farr, which occurred on January 3, 1839, and by whom he had a family of four children — George H., ,of Weybridge, Vt. (born on October 31,1839; married on January 24, 1872, to C. E. Elmer), Electa P. (born on January 27, 1843, now Mrs. Carlos Blake, of Dakota), Sarah E. (born on April 20, 1846, died in her nineteenth year), Emma H. (born on February 25, 1849, now Mrs. Chapman G. Smith, of Middlebury, Vt.). Mrs. L. L. Wright died on October 2, 1852. Mr. Wright then married his second wife, Sarah Page, on April 20, 1852. They have had two children born to them — Jennette O. (born on May 3, 1856) and Samuel S. (born on December 22, 1860; was married on February 21, 1884, to Maggie A. Hallock). In 1852 Mr. L. L. Wright settled on the General Cook place, and occupies a residence which General Cook built at an early day, and also owns 150 acres of very fine land.