Samuel Buck was born in Milford, Conn., October 29, 1767, and came to Bridport in 1790, locating upon the farm now owned by Joseph R. Crane, and afterwards kept a store where A. A. Fletcher’s house now stands. Mr. Buck, though possessed of considerable intelligence, had never been fortunate enough to have any educational advantages, and knew nothing of the science of penmanship. In making entries upon his books he used hieroglyphics of his own manufacture instead of English letters. One of his customers, it is related, upon settlement for goods, found himself charged with a cheese, which he denied having bought. Mr. Buck was obstinate, but when the customer mentioned the purchase of a grind-stone he exclaimed, “Oh! yes, that’s so. You see this ring here! Well, I put that down for a grind-stone, but forgot to put the hole in it.”