Young, Robert A., Bristol, was born in the town of Starksboro, Vt., on January 14, 1838. He was a son of Enoch and Lydia (Varney) Young. Enoch Young was a son of Robert Young; was one of the first settlers in the town of Starksboro, Vt. Lydia Young was a daughter of Hezekiah Varney, of Monkton, Vt., where Lydia was born on July 19, 1805. They have a family of four chidren living — Robert A., Mary A. (now Mrs. Daniel Hill, of Starksboro, Vt.), Russel T., and Enoch H., of Starksboro, Vt. Robert married Elma W. Hill, of Starksboro, Vt, She was born on April 13, 1841. They have had two children born to them — Edson H. (is a physician; graduated from the Burlington Medical College in 1883; he is now a physician at Buffalo, N. Y.) and Myra L. Mr. Young, aside from being engaged in farming, is interested largely in introducing into this locality agricultural implements; also deals largely in threshers and farming implements, of the manufacture of H. W. Gray.