Chase, Nelson, Lincoln, one of the residents of Lincoln, Vt. Was born in Waltham, Vt., on August 19, 1813. He settled in Lincoln, Vt., in 1868, and then purchased 100 acres of the Purinton estate, locally known as Elder Hill, and where he has since resided. His father, Benjamin Chase, was born in Rhode Island on March 13, 1790. He married Fannie Smith, who was born on July 4, 1794. They had a family of four children born to them. Benjamin Chase was a son of Nathan Chase, and was married on April 29, 1731, to Elizabeth Shaw. They had a family of two sons — Benjamin and George S., who came to Waltham, Vt., from Rhode Island a short time prior to 1812. Benjamin was married on August 31, 1812, to Fannie Smith, of Vergennes, Vt. Their children were Nelson, William, Henry, and George C. Benjamin Chase died in Ferrisburgh, Vt., on September 13, 1870. Nelson Chase, his oldest son, resided in Waltham, Vt., until coming to Lincoln, Vt. He has been married twice. His first wife was Jane Rogers, to whom he was married on September 11, 1838. She was a daughter of Russell Rogers, of Ferrisburgh, Vt. By her he had a family of six children — Sarah J., Truman J., Henry, Chase, Gordon, Azelia, and John. His second wife was Mrs. Meader, widow of Elijah Meader, to whom he was married in 1870. She was formerly Abigail Colby, and was born in Ware, New Hampshire. Her first husband, Elijah Meader, was born on September 13, 1802.