Clark, Mrs. Wealtha, Addison, was born in Addison, Addison county, Vt., on August 11, 1826. She was a daughter of George and Susan (Spencer) Willmarth. She was married in 1850 to Elliott Clark, who was born in Addison, Vt., on February 26. 1818. He was a son of Ashel and Hannah (Tower) Clark. He was a farmer by occupation, and after his marriage resided for a time in the eastern part of the town, about fifteen years. They purchased the place on which Mrs. Clark now resides in 1872, having sold their Dead Creek farm in 1870, and in 1872 they purchased the farm on Otter Creek, which is now the present home of Mrs. Clark. It was formerly the old Rider place, and consists of one hundred and forty-five acres. Mrs. Clark has had one daughter born to her, Lucy (now Mrs. David B. Miller). Mr. Clark died on December 1, 1879, after a long and successful business life. The farm is now conducted by Mrs. Clark’s son-inlaw, Mr. Miller. Mrs. Miller was born on September 27, 1850, and her husband was born on November 4, 1840. They were married on April 2, 1878, and have had one son and one daughter born to them.