Fuller, Louis B., Ferrisburgh, North Ferrisburgh p. o., was born in Ferrisburgh, Vt., in 1823. He is a stock grower and dealer. He has been an extensive farmer and owns 800 acres. He deals largely in hay, having several large store buildings and presses. He has been selectman, a justice of the peace, poor-master, and has held several other town offices. He was married in 1850 to Polly Ann Satterly, of Ferrisburgh, Vt., who was born in January, 1832. They had a family of four children born to them — Elenor (born 1854) ; Gideon (born 1857 and died in 1883) ; Hattie (born in 1861) ; Lucy E. (born in 1864). Louis B. Fuller was a son of Gideon and Elenor (Lace) Fuller, who were born and married in Ferrisburgh, Vt. They had three children born to them, two of whom are now living — Louis B. and Loretta. Gideon Fuller was a son of Ezbon Fuller, who was one of the first settlers of this town.