Smith, Jacob, Vergennes, was born in Shaftsbury, Bennington county, Vt., in April, 1804. He was in early life a tanner and currier, but later a farmer. He has been alderman of his town, and also colonel of the State militia. He was married in 1834 to Mary Hudson, who was born in Putney, Vt., in 1805. Mrs. Smith resided in the family of Deacon Bingham for many years in early life. They had a family of eight children born to them, six of whom are now living — Eliza S., Mary G., Isaac H., George O., Helen L., Susan S., and Jane F. One daughter died, leaving a widower and one daughter-Eliza S. Tuthill. Mary (Hudson) Smith’s father, Joseph Hudson, was in the War of 1812, and died in 1815. Her mother, Abigail (Morse) Hudson, died in 1840. She left a family of six children, four of who are now living — Mary, William, Henry, and Alonzo. Henry and Alonzo are prominent clergymen of the Episcopal order, and William Hudson is a farmer. Mrs. Smith now resides with her daughters Helen L. and Susan S. Jacob Smith was a son of Isaac and Mary (Galusha) Smith.