Dike, J. B., Bristol, was born in Milton, Chittenden county, Vt., on August 24, 1808. His parents were Jonathan, jr., and Sally (Caswell) Dike. Jonathan, jr., was a son of Jonathan, sr., who was a resident of the town of Milton, Vt., for many years. Jonathan, jr., had a family of three children — David C. (born October 16, 1802, in Milton, Vt.), Sally C. (born August, 22, 1885). Jonathan B. resided in Starksboro, Vt., for about two years. He came to reside in Bristol, Vt., in 1851. He was married in September, 1832, to Mary M. Leet, of Clairmount, N. H. She died in June, 1833. He then married his second wife, Marilda Remington, on May 1, 1834. She died September 1, 1882. His present wife is the widow of the late W. Norton. She was a daughter of Daniel Peake. Mr. Dike was a constable and collector at Huntington, Vt., for two years, and has been grand juror and poor-master in 1870 and 1871, and also a member of the Legislature from Bristol, Vt. He has always been alive to the development and growth of his locality and has always been prominent in all matters pertaining to the cause of education.