Smith, Ira D., Monkton, Monkton Ridge p. o., was born at Monkton, Vt., in 1852. He was married in 1873 to Carrie A. Smith, a daughter of Warren and Mary A. (Sleeper) Smith, and was born in 1854. They have had five children born to them — George, born in 1874; Thaddeus K., born in 1876; Fanny I., born in 1878; Joseph P., born in 1880; and Avah L., born in 1885. Ira D. Smith was a son of Daniel W. and Cynthia M. (Purmort) Smith; she was born in Franklin county, Vt., on September 11, 1817, and Daniel was born in Monkton, Vt., on February 21, 1816; they were married in 1845. They had a family of three children born to them — Hannah C. (now Mrs. Monroe Barnum, married in 1867), Ira D., and Sarah S. (married in 1874 to Henry W. Wheeler). Daniel W. was married twice; his first wife was Sarah Wickwire, to whom he was married on February 21, 1842; she died in 1843. Daniel W. was a son of Doctor Ira and Fanny (Willoughby) Smith. He was born in Bennington county, Vt. He was a graduate of the Castleton Medical College, and practiced in his profession for fifty years in the town of Monkton, Vt., where he settled. He had a family of two daughters and two sons — Daniel W., Darwin, Betsey, and Angeline, who is the only one now living.