Farr, Harvey, Lincoln, was born in Lincoln, Vt., on January 26, 1828. He was a son of Jesse B. Farr, of Bristol, Vt. Harvey Farr has always resided in the town of Lincoln, Vt., with the exception of two years, which he spent in another part of the State. He has been one of the most successful farmers of his town, and is a much respected citizen. He has been married twice. His first wife was Mariette Palmer, a daughter of Simeon and Fannie Palmer, to whom he was married on November 27, 1853, and by whom he had a family of three children: Wallace S. (born on February 17, 1856), George W. (born on February 22, 1862), and Frank C. (born on September 8, 1869). Mrs. Farr died on November 15, 1870. Mr. Farr then married his second wife, Marinda Pickett, on April 30, 1872. She was a daughter of Rev. Zenas Pickett. By his second wife Mr. Farr has had a family of two children born to him: Jesse Z. (born on April 16, 1875) and Addie L. (born on March 5, 1883). Mr. Farr represented his town in the Legislature in 1882, has been an overseer for nineteen years, was justice of the peace in 1870, ’76, and 1881; was selectman in 1868 and various times since that date, and has also been a member of the Republican county committee.