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Biographical Sketch of George F. O. Kimball

Kimball, George F. O., Vergennes, was born in Burlington, Vt., in 1841. He has served as deputy sheriff and constable for nine years, and chairman of the board of listers for nine years, and a member of the board of water commissioners for three years; represented his town in the Legislature in 1882 and 1883, and was appointed postmaster in 1885, a position which he now fills. He was married in 1862 to Roxey C. Champion, of Vergennes, Vt. They have had three children born to them — George F., Chas. P., and Mary A. Chas. P. died June 3, 1883, aged seventeen years. George F. O. Kimball was a son of Daniel and Mary A. (Field) Kimball. Daniel was a native of Littleton, Mass., and Mary A., of Waltham, Vt. Mary A. died in Vergennes, Vt., in 1844, leaving one son — George F. O., who, after the death of his mother, resided with his grandparents. His grandfather, George Fields, was an early settler and resident of Bennington, Vt.

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