Dean, Frederick H., Monkton, was born in Monkton, Vt., in 1850. He was brought up to farming, but in 1879 he embarked in the general merchandise business as a successor to Hon. Harrison 0. Smith, of Monkton Borough, Vt. He was appointed postmaster in 1879, and town clerk from 1878. He was married on November 30, 1875, to Halcyone Adele Smith (a daughter of Hon. Harrison 0. and Melissa (Cooks) Smith. Frederick H. Dean was a son of Carlton S. and Celestia (French) Dean. Carlton represented his town in 1862 and 1863, and in early life was a hotel proprietor, and later a farmer. He died in 1880, aged sixty-seven years. His wife, Celestia, died in 1874, aged fifty-four years. They had a family of five children born to them — Casper H., Carlton S., Frederick H., Amanda J., and Helen C. Frederick H. Dean has been elected to represent the town of Monkton, Vt., in the Legislature at Montpelier this fall.