Holland, Emerson, Panton, Vergennes p. o., was born in Hinsdale, Berkshire county, Mass., in 1829. He represented his town in 1864-65, and is now town treasurer, an office which he has held for seventeen years ; he has also been lister and selectman, and held all of the leading offices of his town. He is a farmer and surveyor, and now owns and occupies the old homestead which was purchased by his father, Stephen. Emerson Holland was a son of Stephen and Achsa R. (Bixby) Holland, who were born and married in Massachusetts, and settled in Panton, Vt., in 1835. Stephen was by trade a clothier, carder and cloth dresser. He was born in 1799, and died in Panton. Vt., in 1855. Achsa was born in 1805, and died in 1880. They had a family of four children born to them — Emerson, W. S. (is an inventor), Miriam (died at the age of five years), and Jesse, who now resides with her brother, Emerson, on the old homestead. Stephen Holland was one of the representative men of his town, representing the same in the Assembly in 1844 and 1845, and held many of the prominent offices of the town. He was a son of William and Polly Holland. William Holland died in 1856, aged ninety-three years.