Purinton, Chase, Lincoln, was born in Kensington, N. H., on April 27, 1757. He settled in Lincoln, Vt., on the farm which is now owned by his grandson, Elihu Purinton. He was a blacksmith by trade, and the first in the town; built the first grist-mill that was ever built in this town, in 1806, near the site of the present Watson Morgan mills. He was married on September 30, 1778, at Seabrook, N. H., to Lydia Brown, who was born in that town on August 13, 1758. Mr. Purinton died on his homestead, on June 16, 1826, leaving a wife and four sons and four daughters — Jonathan, born December 1, 1779, and died in 1848; Elijah, born on July 18, 1780, died in 1864; James, born on November 12, 1783, died in 1864; Judith, born on April 19, 1786, died in 1877; Elizabeth, born on August 3, 1788, died in 1875; Chase, born on July 19, 1792, and died in 1872; Lydia, born on October 1, 1795, died in 1882; Mary, born on September, 7, 1799, died in 1845. Mr. Purinton’s descendants throughout the United States are numerous, forty of whom are now residents of the town of Lincoln, Vt.