Smith, Charles E., Bristol, was born in the town of Hancock, Vt., on September 30, 1838. He was a son of Norman C. and Sally (Brooks) Smith. Sally Smith was a daughter of John Brooks, who was one of the early settlers in Bristol Flats, Vt. Norman C. was a native of New Haven Mills, and was born there in 1809, on April 19. His father was Captain Simon Smith, once a captain of militia, and a native of Salisbury, Conn. Charles E. Smith acquired his knowledge of photography in Ludlow, Vt., and succeeded to the business of the late Irving Dunshee, about the year 1871, and by careful application to business has brought the industry up to a successful standard. He does a general portrait work and also India ink and water colors, and makes something of a specialty of viewing. He has been married twice. His first wife was Mary Fitch, a daughter of Edward Fitch, of Bristol, Vt. She died in 1873, and in 1879 he married for his second wife Ruby Tucker, a daughter of James Tucker, of Bristol, Vt. They had two daughters born to them, the first of whom died in infancy, and the second — Emma Permelia was born February 1, 1886.