Stevens, Carleton T., Vergennes, was born in Panton, Vt., in 1817. He was judge of the County Court in 1883 and ’84; was director of the Vergennes Bank from 1865 to ’68, and president of the same from 1868. He has also held several corporation offices. He and his brother, Charles O., engaged in the hotel business in 1835, and engaged in the same until they sold their interest in the hotel property (1873), and retired from active public business as farmers, etc. They were sons of Thomas and Sally (Tappan) Stevens. He was born in Canaan, Conn., in 1794, and she born at Newark. N. J., in 1797. They were married in Panton, Vt., and had a family of four sons and one daughter born to them. One son died at an early age. Thomas died in 1835; he served in the War of 1812; his widow died in 1883. Their children were Carleton T., born in 1817; Charles O., born in 1818; Herrick, born in 1819; Mariette, born in 1824. Thomas Stevens was a son of Zebulun and Sarah Stevens, who came here from Canaan, Conn.; were married in 1779, and settled in Panton, Addison county, Vt.