Norton, Calvin, Weybridge, was born in Addison county, Vt., on March 10, 1811. His parents were Abel and Mabel Norton. Abel Norton was born in Connecticut in 1777, and came to this county about 1800, and settled on the place now owned by his son, Hiram Norton, where he spent the last of his days. When he first came to this county he cleared a place and built a log cabin, and raised a family of ten children, eight of whom are now living. He was a successful farmer and owned 500 acres at the time of his death (in 1833), and was a self-made man. Calvin Norton was educated in the common schools, and brought up to farming till he reached the age of twenty-four years. He was married on October 8, 1835, to Sarah Sargent, a native of Addison county. They have had one daughter and two sons born to them — only one of them is now living — Calvin, jr. He purchased a farm in Essex county, N. Y., remained there twelve years, and in 1847 returned to Addison and purchased the Goodale farm, which he still owns. It contains 166 acres. He occupies a residence which was built by Jared Goodale at an early day. He remained upon this place some time, until coming to Weybridge, Vt., in 1854, when he bought the Lawrence place, where he still resides. This place consists of fifty acres. He also owns various other farms in the county, aggregating more than 500 acres. Mrs. Norton died in November, 1884, and he again married on March 19, 1885, Jane Sargent, a daughter of Samuel Sargent, a well-known resident of Middlebury, Vt. Jane was born in Middlebury, Vt., on March 19, 1842.