Wetherbee, Amos, Vergennes, was born in Ferrisburgh, Vt., on September 27, 1818. He began his life as a farmer, a business of which he made a success. He settled in Vergennes, Vt., in 1864, and has dealt largely in land and general stock, and is also a general speculator, and is called upon largely in the settlement of estates. His grandfather was a lieutenant at the battle of Bennington, Vt.. He was married in 1842 to Mary Allen, a daughter of Solomon and Catherine P. (Cross) Allen. Amos has a family of four daughters — Nellie L., Anna C., Mary E., (who married Phelps B. Smith; they have had one child born to them, Nancy M.), and Emma L. Amos Wetherbee was a son of Joshua and Anna (Barnes) Wetherbee, who were married in Ferrisburgh Vt., in 1817. Joshua was born in New Hampshire in 1789 and died in 1861, and his wife, Anna, was born in 1799 and died in 1866. They had a family of two children born to them — Amos, born in 1818; and Emily, born in 1828. Joshua was in the War of 1812 and ’14, and came to Ferrisburgh, Vt., when a boy.