Amasa Ober and his wife came to this town in 1832, locating upon new land on road 32. Here Mr. Ober resided until his death, in 1866, at the age of fifty-five years. His wife, Margaret C., still survives him. She possesses one of those sturdy natures that seem to especially adapt a woman for the partner of a pioneer. She shared the privations incident to a new settlement, with her husband, working both in the field and in the kitchen. During the past twenty-eight years she has manufactured 1,558 yards of carpeting, in addition to her usual household duties. Benjamin Ober, cousin to Amasa, located on road 30, in 1836, upon the farm now occupied by his widow and his son, Frank B. Peter Ober, brother of Amasa, came here the same year with Benjamin, and located upon an adjoining farm, where he resided until his death.