Curler, Aaron, Panton, was born in Ferrisburgh, Vt., on August 30, 1802. He is one of the representative men of his town, and has made his life a financial success, starting in business life poor. He now resides on the old homestead, which was purchased in 1837. He was married twice; his first wife was Catherine Newton, of Ferrisburgh, Vt., a daughter of Charles Newton. They had a family of two children born to them — Louisa (now Mrs. Madison Converse) and Catherine (now Mrs. Hector H. Mather). Aaron married for his second wife Catherine Gardner (a daughter of Phineas Gardner, of Panton, Vt.) in 1835. She died on August 5, 1878, leaving two children. William W. married Mary Spaulding. They have had one son born to them, and Annetta (now Mrs. Edrich Adams). Aaron was a son of Jacob and Rachel (Curler) Van Curler. Rachel was born in Salem, N. Y. Jacob was born in Hoosick, N. Y. They settled in this county about 1792. They had a family of five children born to them (of whom Aaron is the only one now living) — Benjamin, Hiram, Esther, Polly and Aaron.