The town was organized and the first town meeting held March 29, 1784, when the following list of officers was chosen to govern its affairs: Captain Zadock Everest, moderator; Colonel John Strong, clerk; Colonel John Strong, Zadock Everest and Joshua Whitney, selectmen; Colonel John Strong, treasurer; Lieutenant David Vallance, constable; Benjamin Paine, Benjamin Everest and Lieutenant Joshua Whitney, listers; David Vallance, collector; Colonel John Strong, leather sealer; John Ward and Ebenezer Wright, grand jurors; Joseph Chilson, tithingman; Timothy Woodford, brander of horses; Samuel Strong, pound-keeper; and Benjamin Everest and David Whitney, fence viewers. It was also voted at this meeting that “Colonel Strong’s cow-yard be and is hereby made a pound for the present year.” That the bank of the Lake for this year be Considered as a Lawful fence.”

Among important and quaint votes recorded in the town records during the first few years of the town’s corporate existence may be quoted the following:

September, 1784. – That the town be divided into two school districts, north and south districts.

1785- An early highway was surveyed from Hospital Creek, northward to the south line of Panton to be ten rods wide. Surveyed by David Vallance.

1789- Survey was accepted of a road from Bridport to Panton, through Addison near Snake Mountain, eight rods wide.

1797. – Committee of selectmen appointed to ” find out the center of the town.”

1798- Voted “to see if the inhabitants will agree to petition the General Assembly of the State next to be holden at Vergennes, to divide the town of Addison into two distinct towns, making Dead (Creek) the divisional line.”

1800. – Town divided into seven districts.

1801. – “Voted to divide the town into two parishes”.

1812. – “Voted to divide the town into nine school districts”.