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1840 Census Index, Morristown, Lamoille County, Vermont

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Alexander, Josiah J.75
Alexander, Philander75
Allen, Andrew E.67
Allen, Isaac74
Atkins, Josiah69
Baker, Ruth72
Baneson, Alfred C.70
Bark, Amasa67
Bark, Sampson67
Bartlett, Ebenezer71
Bartlett, William G.71
Bassett, Simeon M.73
Bayber, Elisha74
Bellamore, Onas74
Bender, Israel69
Bennett, Cobin68
Bingham, Benjamin71
Bingham, Fanny M.67
Bingham, Hiram73
Bingham, John72
Bingham, Lather73
Bingham, Luther S.73
Birby, John69
Blossom, George W.68
Boardman, Ralph70
Boardman, Sophia75
Boardman, William70
Bondman, Orias70
Bouden, Alexander69
Bowers, Malachi74
Bringham, Charles E.71
Bringham, Jedediah71
Browers, Auil H.73
Brown, Danile72
Bryant, Samuel68
Bryant, Samuel, Jr.74
Bundy, Harris75
Burke, Morris67
Butler, Peter71
Cabe, Ebenezer, Jr.67
Cadon, Lathrop67
Camp, Philander67
Carle, Hiram67
Carlten, Benjamin F.74
Carpenter, Calvin69
Carter, Henry75
Carter, John75
Carter, Lyman W.67
Chaffee, Hiraiam71
Chaffee, Lynols71
Chaffee, William71
Chaffee, William, Jr.71
Chaplin, John J.69
Charbanis, Charels74
Chase, Aaron B.68
Cherry, Franklin70
Chiney, Thomas74
Claflin, Nathan71
Claire, Joseph73
Clarke, Roswell74
Cleavland, Lyndon73
Clemland, Benjamin69
Clemland, Orange69
Clock, Jasper70
Cole, Daniel II69
Cole, Harvey71
Cole, Morris69
Collins, Asa72
Cook, Chester69
Cook, Denison67
Cook, Ewin M.72
Cook, John70
Cook, Jonathan73
Cook, Samuel P.67
Cutler, Silas68
Dais, Samuel C.68
Danforth, Ebenezer69
Darling, Ira67
Darling, Joseph67
Darling, Leoanrd68
Davis, Nathaniel W.68
Dennis, Zecon70
Dike, Reuben70
Dinni, Antwine67
Doty, John73
Douglass, Horace72
Douglass, Jonathan71
Dunham, Edwin W.74
Dunham, John E.70
Eastman, Curtis69
Eatoc, Erastus72
Eaton, Judith72
Edwards, Ira73
Edwards, Noadiah L.73
Edwars, Jerusha73
Feltcher, Horance74
Fenney, Austin C.69
Ferrin, Daniel72
Ferrin, John74
Ferrin, Nathan C.68
Foss, Alain75
Gadale, Cyal W.71
Gand, Benjamin68
Gates, Daniel67
Gates, Daniel68
Gates, George W.75
Gates, Lane70
Gates, Nathan75
Gates, Silas70
Gates, Sylvester L.74
Gates, Zebadach75
Gatrse, Grary W.70
Geadale, Nathaniel W.75
George, William68
Gerbert, Daniel73
Geroge, Tabius T.68
Gilbert, Branice74
Gilbert, David75
Gile, Stpehn72
Gongon, Joseph71
Gradale, William71
Gradlae, Horace C.72
Gradman, John74
Grant, Zur75
Green, Nelson73
Green, Samuel73
Greenwood, Joseph67
Griswold, Zara75
Guge, Norsis74
Guigo, Abigah71
Hall, John68
Hamel, John67
Hartshorn, Prince67
Haskins, Seth69
Hender, Jehiel P.68
Henrick, Nathan74
Henry, Truman, Jr.69
Herick, Zi74
Herrick, Eliab B.69
Hilder, Francis73
Hill, Moses75
Holes, Samuel P.72
Hoskins, Hirma C.69
Hoskins, Polly69
Hubbard, Alvin69
Hutchins, Squire71
Joslin, Luke69
Joy, Rufus74
Joy, William73
Kelsey, Hiram70
Kimball, Benjamin F.68
Kimball, Samuel70
Kiser, John70
Lasalham, William69
Learned, Joel69
Leavett, George W.75
Little, David67
Luce, Andrwe74
Lucy, Thomsa T.68
Lymon, Elijah73
Marshall, Lyman72
Massey, William70
Matthews, David74
Matthews, James67
Merriman, Sildin69
Metcalf, Elias, Jr.67
Metcalf, Osea S.67
Mills, John69
Morrell, Aaron B.74
Newman, Daniel71
Noyes, David P.68
Olds, Samuel73
Palmer, Jacob68
Parcher, Tenman74
Parker, John73
Parker, Robert68
Pearson, Edmond70
Perkins, Nathan67
Peter, John70
Pettingill, Isaac70
Peyden, Augustus71
Pike, Seth71
Pike, William71
Poland, Luke P.68
Poor, Jessee75
Powers, Frederick70
Powers, Horace68
Powers, Simeon70
Putnam, David W.67
Quimby, Elisha72
Quimby, Elisha74
Rand, Bradford S.74
Rand, Reuben B.68
Raymond, William67
Raymward, George73
Reed, Benjamin71
Richmond, Lewis G.74
Robinson, Liptune72
Rockwood, Lyman72
Rood, Samuel O.74
Safford, Jedediah75
Safford, Norman H.69
Samphire, Ora74
Sartle, Howton72
Sawyer, Esau71
Scoes, Joseph72
Sears, Joseph S.70
Sellerk, James73
Seythe, Nelson71
Shaw, Asael72
Shaw, Benani71
Shaw, Crispus, Jr.69
Shaw, Cuspus72
Shaw, Darwin E.71
Shaw, Ebenezer69
Shipper, Jesse75
Slocumb, Nelson71
Small, George68
Small, Luther68
Small, William68
Smith, Farnklin70
Spalding, Amasa75
Spalding, Aquilla68
Spalding, Bunice74
Spalding, Chancey73
Spalding, Ira72
Spalding, Libens68
Spalding, Lovel72
Spalding, Orias74
Spalding, P.73
Spalding, Roswell75
Spalding, Warren68
Staire, Solomon73
Stanley, Abijah70
Stephens, Henry70
Stevens, William72
Stiles, Nathanile71
Stone, Jereamih75
Stone, Warren73
Story, Dyer M.72
Stower, Solomon, Jr.73
Stratton, Luke69
Tenney, Truman73
Terrill, Moses71
Thayer, Oliver71
Thosam, Darwin S.75
Tinker, Alamson73
Tinker, Jones72
Town, Ervin70
Town, Ginvey72
Town, Hiram70
Wadleigh, Joseph C.72
Walker, Jacob72
Walker, William70
Ward, William H. H.72
Waterman, Vinon70
Webster, Asa68
Webster, Wingate74
Weld, Miram73
West, John75
Westgale, William67
Wheeler, Jonathan68
Wheeler, Philip75
Wheeler, Robert70
Wheelers, Edmund R.69
Wilkens, Aaron72
Willard, Samuel A.67
Williams, Simeon69
Wood, Moses67
Woodbury, Albert M.72
Woodworth, Jasont.67

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