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Utah WW2 Casualties P Surnames NMCG

A list of P surnames from the official World War II, Navy Marines and Coast Guard casualty list. Inclusion of names in this Utah World War II Casualty List has been determined solely by the residence of next of kin at the time of notification of the last wartime casualty status.

PAGE, Glen Colbert, Torpedoman’s Mate 1c, USNR. Wife, Mrs. Rhoda Faye Page, Woods Cross.
PAGE, John Quentin, Motor Machinist’s Mate 2c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. John G. Page, Parowan.
PALLESEN, William E., PFc., USMC. Mother, Mrs. Dora Pallesen, Manila.
PARK, Mailon M., Pfc., USMCR. Father, Mr. James H. Park, 4530 S. 6th East, Murray.
PARKINSON, Donald Elliott, Aviation Radioman 3c, USNR. Father, Mr. Joseph Kirkman Parkinson, 2662 Gramercy Ave., Ogden.
PATTEN, Kenneth Bingham, Seaman 1c, USN. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. George Edwin Patten, 250 S. 3d East, Payson.
PAVICH, Stephen, Seaman 1c, USNR. Mother, Mrs. Marie Pavich Jeretich, 27 4th Ave., Murray.
PEIRCE, Eldon F., Pvt., USMCR. Mother, Mrs. Mary Pierce, 285 8th St., Ogden.
PENDLETON, Brian E., Pfc., USMCR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Freeman W. Pendleton, Box 140, Parowan.
PERKINS, Rodney Park, Seaman 1c, USNR. Mother, Mrs. Beryl Finlay Vaughn, Gen. Del., Kanab.
PETERSEN, Dennis Blanchard, Shipfitter 2c, USNR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Parley N. Peterson, Newton.
PETERSEN, Richard Hermal, Lieutenant (jg), USN. Father, Mr. Orson H. Peterson, 2553 Harrison Blvd. Ogden.
PETERSON, Glen Elmer, Lieutenant (jg), USNR. Wife, Mrs. Frances Hansen Peterson, Monticello.
PHILLIPS, Stanley Junior, Seaman 1c, USN. Mother, Mrs. Mary Frances Smith, P.O. Box 42, Ogden.
PIKE, Leonard B., Cpl., USMCR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Pike, 438 E. Main St., Price.
PLATT, Elmo W. Pfc., USMCR. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Walter L. Platt, Gen. Del., Kanarra ville.
POMERANCE, Sherman, Lieutenant (jg), USNR. Wife, Mrs. Carolyn Pomerance, 1750 Maple Ave., Salt Lake City.
POULSEN, Theone Lorenzo, Fireman 3c, USN. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lorenzo G. Poulsen, 509 26th St., Ogden.
PURDY, John Milton, Chief Quartermaster, USN. Wife, Mrs. Constance Liapis Purdy, 765 12th St., Ogden.
PUTNAM, Willaim L., Pfc., USMCR. Wife, Mrs. William L. Putnam, 2242 E. 33d St., Salt Lake City.

MLA Source Citation:

War Department. The Adjutant Generals Office. Administrative Services Division. Strength Accounting Branch. World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel. Item from Record Group 407: Records of the Adjutant General's Office, 1917- [AGO], 1905 - 1981. Web. 25 July 2016.
- Last updated on Aug 23rd, 2012

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