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Topic: World War 1

World War One Soldiers from Pulaski County Georgia

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now   Douglas Anderson H. P. Anderson Robert Anderson Emory Asbell DeLamar Atkinson Lee Attaway Max. Bagby J. H. Bagby C. B. Bailey (April, 1918, December, 1918. First Lieutenant, Medical Corps, Camp Greenleaf, Chickamauga Park). C. H. Bailey E. H. Bailey 0. D. Bailey H. Barfield Isadore Barker W. H. Barlow D. M. Barnes Sterling Barrow J. T. Bartow Emory Bass John Bembry C. L. Bennett L. M. Bigsby Harry Black J. L. Black J. Y. Black Wiley Black W. C. Black N. J. Bozeman E. E. Bragg Leon. Branan, Tandy Thomas Branen D. E. Brazeal E. J. Brown J. P. Brown Lawton Brown Lincoln Brown Maylon Bryant J. D. Buchan R. D. Buchan A. Bullard C. T. Burrows Norman Busbee J. H. Busbee Lee Cabero Edwin William Caldwell (May 12, 1917, December 22, 1918. First Lieutenant Co. B, 320th M. G. Bn., 82 Div. Overseas April 25, 1918-Sept. 3, 1918. Returned as instructor. Under fire three months, Toul section, St. Mihiel drive; led his platoon without a casualty. On board transport “Mt. Vernon,” torpedoed September 5, 1918). Sam Calhoun Reginald Cartle Eddie Chalker Grady Chalker Max Chalker C. P. Cloud W. E. Cogland H. Gilmore Cochran A. B. Coleman Henry Coleman J. B. Coley C. A. Conner J. H. Conner Leonard Cooper S. E. Copeland W....

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Clay County Kansas Veterans of World War 1

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now 1917 – 1918 Compiled and arranged by Frederick W. Hood From the official reports of General John J. Pershing, Commander in Chief Colonel Leonard P. Ayers, Chief of Statistics Branch and other reliable writers Dedication To the soldiers, sailors, marines and army nurses of Clay County, who served in the cause of our country, willing to give their lives for the freedom of the word from the most dreadful menace of all time, this volume is dedicated. The Telescope Publishing Company Belleville, Kansas The great war...

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The 23 Service Battalion Royal Fusiliers

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now With the formation of the 23 Service Battalion Royal Fusiliers it will be admitted quite a new type of man was brought into the British Army. Public Schools battalions, the Chums, the Footballers, and other battalions were formed. But to the First Sportsman’s belongs the honor of introducing an actually new type. To begin with, it was cosmopolitan. Practically every grade of life was represented, from the peer to the peasant; class distinctions were swept away, every man turned to and pulled his bit. To illustrate what...

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The Fifth Battalion Highland Light Infantry

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Staff Officers, Companies A-D Officers, Warrant Officers and Senior N.C.O.’s, Who embarked for overseas in May 1915 World War I Commanding Officer, Colonel F.L. Morrison, V.D. Second in Command, Major T.L. Jowitt. Adjutant Major, J.R. Simson, H.L.I. Quartermaster Lieut., T. Clark. Padre, Major A.J. Campbell. Medical Officer, Captain A.D. Kennedy. Signaling Officer, Lieut. R.H. Morrison. Machine Gun Officer, Lieut. A.B. Currie. Transport Officer, Lieut. W.L. Buchanan. R.S.M. J., Alexander, H.L.I. R.Q.M.S., A.M. Steedman. Pipe, Major J. Thomson. Orderly Room, Sergeant A. Kelly. Transport, Sergeant R. Birrell. Pioneer, Sergeant W. Stevenson. Signaling, Sergeant D. Bone. “A” Company O.C. Major A. Marshall Downie. Second in Command Captain George Morton, Junr. C.S.M. J. Mathieson. C.Q.M.S. D.K. Miller. No. 1 Platoon. Lieut. W. Beckett. Sergt. D. Orr. No. 2 ” ” ” T. Keaney. No. 3 ” ” L.G. Aitken. ” D. M’donald. No. 4 ” ” J.G. Milne. ” R. Robertson. “B” Company O.C. Captain J. M’donald. Second in Command C.S.M. J. Smith. C.Q.M.S. F.W. Adams. No. 5 Platoon. Lieut. N.R. Campbell. Sergt. J. Arthur. No. 6 ” 2nd Lieut. Lewis Maclellan. ” R. Allan. No. 7 ” 2nd ” R.E. May. ” J. Stewart. No. 8 ” 2nd ” R.M. Miller. ” G. Miller. “C” Company O.C. Captain J.B. Neilson. Second in Command Captain D.E. Brand. C.S.M. D....

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Vogler, Aneta P. Beadle – Obituary

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Aneta B. Vogler, 83, of the Lake View Care Center near Hope, died at 10 p.m. Monday [November 3, 1975] at the Bartholomew County Hospital, where she had been a patient for five days. She had been ill for several days. Named senior citizen of the year in 1963 by the Bartholomew County Retirement Foundation. Mrs. Vogler graduated from Purdue University in 1917. She also attended St. Mary’s College at Notre Dame. She served as a dietician in 1917 and 1918, during the first Word War and was a dietician at the Leahi home in Honolulu, Hawaii, in 1919 and 1920. An assistant professor of home economics extension of Purdue University, she also served as a trustee of Purdue from 1961 to 1964. She was born in Rochester, NY, June 17, 1892 to George and Ella Kate Powley Beadle. She was married to Marshall Vogler in 1940 and he preceded her in death July 23, 1973. There are no immediate survivors. Funeral arrangements are pending at the Norman Funeral Home in Hope. {Interment at Moravian Cemetery] Contributed by: Shelli...

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Roll of Honor – Surname A – Z

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now British Empire Army – World War I Officers Rank. Name. Date of Death. Remarks. Lieut. Aris, T.A. 16/ 4/17 —— 2/Lieut. Bushell, R.H.C. 27/ 7/16 —— Lieut. Carpenter, C. 17/ 2/17 —— 2/Lieut. Chubb, T. 17/ 2/17 —— 2/Lieut. De Beck, G.C. 18/ 2/17 —— 2/Lieut. Green, L.A. 13/11/16 —— Capt. Hayward, C.B. 27/ 7/16 —— Capt. Hilder, M.L. 3/ 5/17 —— Capt. Johnson, R.D. 6/ 7/16 —— 2/Lieut. Kentfield, E.N. 17/ 2/17 —— Capt. Lissaman, A.J. 13/ 4/17 —— 2/Lieut. Morris, R.M. 17/ 2/17 —— 2/Lieut. Oliver, E.A. 27/ 7/16 —— Capt. Ranken, D.C. 27/ 7/16 —— Capt. Rattray, D.L. 17/ 2/17 —— 2/Lieut. Symonds, A. 17/ 2/17 —— 2/Lieut. Taylor, E.F.H. 27/ 7/17 —— Capt. Wiggen, R.H. 17/ 2/17 —— 2/Lieut. Balbirnie, J.V.E. 7/ 9/18 —— 2/Lieut. Burgess, R.C. 3/ 5/17 Missing 3/5/17. Death accepted as having occurred on or since 3/5/17, on lapse of time. 2/Lieut. Cornes, H.P.G. 27/ 9/17 —— A/Capt. Coull, J.F. 30/ 9/18 —— 2/Lieut. Davies, D.F. 15/ 4/18 —— 2/Lieut. Dixon, R.E.L. 8/ 5/18 —— 2/Lieut. Freeston, C.A.E. 25/ 3/18 Reported wd. and missing 25/3/18. Death accepted as having occurred on or since. Capt. Fugeman, W.A. 1/12/17 —— 2/Lieut Jackson, A.R. 25/ 4/18 —— 2/Lieut. Jackson, W. 30/ 9/18 —— 2/Lieut. Pratt, W.G.J. 28/ 9/17 —— 2/Lieut. Sanders, F.J....

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The Nominal Roll Surname A – Z

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now British Empire Military – World War I Officers Colonel Viscount Maitland. 2nd Lieut. A.G. Rees. Lieut.-Col. A. St. H. Gibbons. 2nd Lieut. F.H. Brown. Major G.H.H. Richey. 2nd Lieut. A.J. Barr. Capt. W.A. Powell. 2nd Lieut. Hon. B. Yorke. Capt. P. Suckling. 2nd Lieut. F.E. Pearson. Capt. N.A.L. Cockell. 2nd Lieut. L.E. Eeman. Capt. E. Cragg. 2nd Lieut. R.O. Jourdain. Capt. Stanley Holmes. 2nd Lieut. N.A.L. Way. Capt. H.J.H. Inglis. 2nd Lieut. E.V. Hine. Capt. B.A. de Bourbel. 2nd Lieut. J.C. Fenton. Capt. H.E.F. Richardson. 2nd Lieut. N. Firth. Capt. H.V.C. Pirie. 2nd Lieut. C.B. Hayward. Lieut.-Quar. R. de Vere Stacpoole. 2nd Lieut. G.R. Nicolaus. Lieut. H.V. Foy. 2nd Lieut. W.J. Stevenson. Lieut. R.N. Sealey. 2nd Lieut. D. Godlonton. Lieut. P.V. Hayes. 2nd Lieut. C.R. Little. Lieut. H.A. Taylor. 2nd Lieut. R.M. Ritchie. Lieut. E.E. Isaac, R.A.M.C. 2nd Lieut. N.R. Crum-Ewing. Lieut. E.A. Winter. 2nd Lieut. C.A. Moore. Lieut. E.J. Cross. 2nd Lieut. D. Rattray. Lieut. Hon. A. Yorke. 2nd Lieut. L.H. Colman. Lieut. R.C. Hillcoat. 2nd Lieut. R.B. Marriott. Lieut. J.P. Roberts. 2nd Lieut. L.H. Bayley. 2nd Lieut. F.H. Cox. 2nd Lieut. R.O. Crookes. 2nd Lieut. G. Dixon-Spain. 2nd Lieut. F.G. Bull. 2nd Lieut. W.A. Rutherford. 2nd Lieut. Owen H. Williams. 2nd Lieut. J.J. Cameron. 2nd Lieut. N. Worship. 2nd Lieut. P.H. Cooper. 2nd Lieut....

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The Exodus During the World War

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Within the last two years there has been a steady stream of Negroes into the North in such large numbers as to overshadow in its results all other movements of the kind in the United States. These Negroes have come largely from Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky, South Carolina, Arkansas and Mississippi. The given causes of this migration are numerous and complicated. Some untruths centering around this exodus have not been unlike those of other migrations. Again we hear that the Negroes are being brought North to fight organized labor, 1“New York Times”, Sept. 5, 9, 28, 1916. and to carry doubtful States for the Republicans. 2“Ibid”., Oct. 18, 28; Nov. 5, 7, 12, 15; Dec. 4, 9, 1916. These numerous explanations themselves, however, give rise to doubt as to the fundamental cause. Why then should the Negroes leave the South? It has often been spoken of as the best place for them. There, it is said, they have made unusual strides forward. The progress of the Negroes in the South, however, has in no sense been general, although the land owned by Negroes in the country and the property of thrifty persons of their race in urban communities may be extensive. In most parts of the South the Negroes are still unable...

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Obituary of Bert Brown

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now Bert BROWN, age 74 of 102 Walnut St., passed away at the Portland Veteran’s Hospital April 27. He was a retired millworker. Graveside services were held at the Hillcrest Cemetery Saturday, April 30, under the direction of the WW1 Veterans. Mr. BROWN was born in Atlanta, Georgia, Nov. 15, 1891 and had lived in La Grande 40 years. He was a member of the WW1 Veterans and the Blue Mt. Grange. Survivors include his wife, Ella, La Grande; one son, Gilbert BROWN, West Minster, Calif.; three daughters, Mrs. Alice KANNARD, Portland, Mrs. Louella TACY, Oakridge, Ore., and Mrs. Evelyn LOVELESS, La Grande. Also surviving are one brother in Detroit, Mich., and four sisters, Mrs. Cary RANDALL, La Grande; Mrs. Verdie BROWN, Baker, one in Longview, Wash. and in Idaho Falls, Ida.; twelve grandchildren and other relatives. Eastern Oregon Review, May 5, 1966 Contributed by: Holly...

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Hawaii History 1527 – 1926

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now The following pages provides a timeline of important events in the written history of Hawaii. Hawaii, a small group of islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, has played a critical roll in the history of the United States. Most especially during the Spanish American War and World War II. Our timeline takes Hawaii history through its “discovery” and up until 1926. 1527-1786 1527 Supposed arrival of two shipwrecked Spaniards at Keei, Kona, Hawaii. 1555 Discovery of the Hawaiian Islands by Juan Gateau, pilot-navigator, Claimed by Spanish archivists. 1736 Kamehamecha the Great born. November. (The year, however, is controversial, and may have been about 1750.) 1740 Paleioholani, king of Oahu, on passage to Molokai, said to have sighted a foreign ship. 1752 Kalaniopuu, king of western Hawaii, ruling when Capt. Cook visited the Islands, born. 1768 Kaahumanu born at Kauiki, East Maui, of Keeaumoku, the great chief and general of Kamehameha, and Namahana, his wife, ex-queen of Maui. Kaahumanu became wife of Kamehameha and gave practical aid, after 1820, to the missionaries in establishing Christianity among her people, while she was premier (kuhina nui). 1778 Discovery of Hawaiian Islands (Kauai and Oahu), by Capt. James Cook, British navy, in the ships Resolution and Discovery, while en route from South Seas to the Northwest Arctic Passage,...

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Oregon’s Honor Roll

The following list of Oregon men who gave their lives for their country while serving in the Armed Forces of the United States during the World War is the result of a careful search of all available records, State and Federal.

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World War 1 Troup County Georgia Soldiers Who Died in Service

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now The names listed below are those who died in service and were members of the army unless otherwise indicated. The names are not included in the Troup County Georgia World War 1 Soldiers and Sailors Roster. [donotemail] Surname Given Rank Town File # Date Race Akins Frank Private LaGrange 4562729 September 5, 1918 W Bailey William B. Private LaGrange 761411 October 17, 1918 W Bohannon Joel M. Corporal LaGrange 87640 October 16, 1918 W Bonner Loveface Private LaGrange 3583307 July 31, 1919 C Boykin Charles Emory Private LaGrange 1947564 September 27, 1918 C Brock Joe McKinley Private (marine) LaGrange 117094 June 8, 1918 W Cannon John H. Private LaGrange 57791 July 18, 1918 W Clemons Spurgeon Sergeant LaGrange 4133140 December 4, 1918 C Cole Simon Private LaGrange 232648 April 1, 1918 C Dunn Aubrey Private West Point 97494 September 17, 1918 W Dunn Lonzie Private West Point  January 1, 1918 C Evans Willie Private Hogansville  May 11, 1918 C Frasier Hoke Private LaGrange 1897211 October 12, 1918 W Hamer Ferrell L. Private LaGrange 1195935 July 18, 1918 W Hamlett Eria C. Private LaGrange 2902761 October 13, 1918 W Hancock Allen D. Sergeant LaGrange 1365301 November 23, 1918 W Heard Willie Private West Point 4754521 October 15, 1918 C Hill Otis Private Hogansville 3581576 April 11, 1919...

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Troup County Georgia World War 1 Commissioned Officers

Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. Start Now The following list of Commissioned Officers was extracted from NARA records by Dennis N. Partridge. They represent officers who served in World War 1 and are not present in the Troup County Georgia World War 1 Soldiers and Sailors Roster. [donotemail] SurnameFirst NameRankCountyState AllenWinston S.1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia AtkinsonJames L.2nd LiuetenantTroupGeorgia BakerArthur Marshall1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia BradfieldArthur D.2nd LiuetenantTroupGeorgia BradfieldLoyd1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia ChandlerHomer E.Field ClerkTroupGeorgia ClarkNeal1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia ClarkWallace H.1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia CookEdmund F.2nd LiuetenantTroupGeorgia CrossleyGeorge H.1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia DallisRender1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia DavisWilliam N.1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia DeLamarJames Dean1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia EctorVirgil A.1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia EmoryWalter1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia ForresterRedmond V.2nd LieutenantTroupGeorgia FrostRobert C.1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia GravesJohn Lafayette1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia HadawayW. H.1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia HallCharlie Y., Jr.Field ClerkTroupGeorgia HammettHoward Hilt1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia HowardWilliam Linton2nd LieutenantTroupGeorgia JenkinsGeorge Pearce2nd LieutenantTroupGeorgia JonesChilion Vickers2nd LieutenantTroupGeorgia LehmannCasper Hunt1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia LemanDeManville AbrahamCaptainTroupGeorgia MorganDavid EmmettCaptainTroupGeorgia MottJohn R.Field ClerkTroupGeorgia NewtonHenry Edgar1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia ParhamLonie C.1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia ParkEmory Robert1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia PhilpotEugene Allen1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia PottsJett MillerField ClerkTroupGeorgia ReynoldsJohn Andrew1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia RobbinsEtta D.NurseTroupGeorgia RobisonJohn Leon1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia RutlandSilas Clifford2nd LieutenantTroupGeorgia SmithBlanchard D.2nd LieutenantTroupGeorgia StanleyRoyden Keith2nd LieutenantTroupGeorgia TraylorCharles Lamar2nd LieutenantTroupGeorgia WebbWilton WendellCaptainTroupGeorgia WhatleyRobert J.1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia WilsonRussell F.1st LieutenantTroupGeorgia YoungJohn GuinnField ClerkTroupGeorgia...

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