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18th Regiment of Mississippi Militia

18th Regiment of Mississippi Militia (1814-1815, Captain Joseph Vellio’s Company) Discover your family's story. Enter a grandparent's name to get started. choose a state: Any AL AK AZ AR CA CO CT DE DC FL GA HI ID IL IN IA KS KY LA ME MD MA MI MN MS MO MT NE NV NH NJ NM NY NC ND OH OK OR PA RI SC SD TN TX UT VT VA WA WV WI WY INTL Start Now Barabino, T. O., private Bayard, Ant, sergeant Carragan, James, lieutenant Carver, Elihu, major Cibelot, M., corporal Courteau, Ih., private Demetry, , gunner Domingon, H. T., sergeant Favre, Charles, private Favre, F., private Favre, I., private Favre, I. B., private Fayard, Laurt, private Labat, J., private Ladner, Bazile, private Ladner, Carlos, corporal Ladner, E., private Ladner, F., private Ladner, John, private Lafontaine, C, private McCall, Duncan, first lieutenant and quartermaster Mitchell, , private Morin, J. B., private Morin, John, private Morin, P., sergeant Nicaise, Chs., private Nicholas, John, private Petit, T., private Sander, P., private Sancier, Ph., private Saucier, T., corporal Saucier, T. F., private Taulme, I. B., ensign Turin, Felix, gunner Veillo, Joseph, captain Wilkinson, Ths.,...

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16th Regiment of Mississippi Militia

16th Regiment (Burrus’) Of Mississippi Militia Captain Samuel A. Allen’s Company Captain Daniel Atkins’ Company Captain William Crawford’s Company Captain William Evans’ Company Captain Griffith’s Company Captain Greaf Johnston’s Company Captain Wm. Moseley’s Company Adams, Benjamin, private Adams, Joseph, private Adams, Thomas, private Albright, John, private Aldridge, William, sergeant Allen, John A., lieutenant Allen, Samuel, private Allen, Samuel A., captain Allen, William, private Allen, William S., private Almon, John, private Arnold, John, private Atkins, Daniel, captain Atkins, Daniel, private Babb, Asel, private Bailes, John, private Baker, John, private Baker, William, private Beason, Jahu, private Bennet, John, private Berrimon, Burrel, private Bigham, William, private Bird, Isaih, private Birdwell, Moses, private Black, John, private Bledsoe, Lewis, private Bloodworth, Timothy, private Boggs, Samuel, private Bogs, John, private Boggs, John O., private Boling, Alexander, private Bonds, James, private Boon, Isaac, private Boren, John, private Bossley, John, corporal Bounds, Solomon, private Box, Michad, private Bradwaters, Charles, private Brag, Thomas, private Bragg, Benjamin, corporal Bragg, William, private Broils, George, private Broils, Jacob, private Brown, John, private Brown, Leonard, private Brown, Thomas T., private Brunson, Larkin, private Brunson, Samuel, private Bryan, William B., private Buckner, John, first sergeant Buie, John, private Burchfield, Thomas, private Burks, Benjamin, private Burrow, William J., private Burrow, William, Sr., private Burrus, Charles, lieutenant-colonel Cain, Samuel, private Busby, Reves, private Campbell, John, private Campbell, Theophilus, fifer Cannon, Skip, private Capshaw, David, private...

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15th Regiment of Mississippi Militia

15th Regiment (Johnson’s) Of Mississippi Militia Anderson, John, private Beddingfield, George, private Boyakin, Soloman, private Braden, James, private Bradley, John, private Brown, Bartlet, private Brunson, Josiah, private Cassity, Hugh, private Cavenah, William, corporal Clarke, William B., private Clingaman, Henry A., private Colson, Samuel, private Coxe, William, private Curtis, John D., ensign Damn, James, second lieutenant Daniel, James, private Deloach, Benjamin, private Dewitt, James, private Dorcey, James, private Easley, Samuel, first lieutenant Ford, James, private Foster, George, private Franklin, Thomas, private Gentry, James, private Gill, James, private Gray, Bazzel, private Green, James, third lieutenant Green, James, private Green, William, private Hall, Armistead, private Hammond, Lemuel, private Hammond, Matthias, private Hammond, Sherrard, private Hays, William, private Hicks, Matthew, private Hill, John, first sergeant Hogg, John, private Holdman, Joseph, private Hosea, Thomas, private Howel, Henry, private Jacob, , servant James, Allman, private Johnson, John, private Johnson, Thomas, private Jones, FJbert, private Kelly, John, private Kelly, Orson, private Kirkham, Benjamin, private Landrum, Jesse, private Landrum, William, private Lawrey, John, musician Luker, Jesse, private Mabry, Walter, sergeant Matlock, Thomas, sergeant McCane, John, private McGrew, Alexander, private McNeill, L. H., sergeant Milsted, John, private Mimms, Thomas, private Mitchell, William, corporal Mixon, James, private Montcrief, Caleb, private Morgan, George, private Mott, Asa, private Mott, Lovelace, captain Odum, Richard, corporal Ogwynn, John, private Ousley, John, private Pearce, Lewis, private Pearson, Leonard, sergeant Perry, Darling, private Perry, Francis,...

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14th Regiment of Mississippi Militia

14th Regiment (Mcboy’s) Of Mississippi Militia Captain Benj. Dubroca’s Company Captain McKinsey’s Company Captain Samuel H. Garrow’s Company Captain Chas. L. Aland’s Company Acre, Samuel, private Alexander, Francis, private Alexander, Joseph, private Antonio, Joachim, private Antonio, Joseph, private Arrosa, Joseph, private Baird, Joseph B., private Barlow, Aaron, private Barnett, Ulysses, private Barriel, Joseph, private Blair, Thomas, private Bloc, Andre, private Brewer, Cornelius, corporal Byrne, Patrick, private Cahall, Barney, private Canadien, Francis, private Cardenas, Joseph, private Caro, Sebastian, corporal Cartier, John, private Chance, Henry, private Chasting, Baptiste, private Chastong, Zenon, private Chaston , Auguste, private Chastong, Eugene, private Chinault, William, surgeon Chistang, Edoi, private Clements, , private Conway, James, private Cook, John, private Cook, Nicholas, sergeant major Damour, Laine, private Darling, Dennison, private David, Pierre, private David, Simon, private Davis, E., private Denton, Thomas H., sergeant Devol, Daniel, ensign Dolives, Sifroy, private Dubroca, Benjamin, captain Dubroca, Eli, private Ducos, Pierre, private Duff, William, private Dumoiy, Augustine, private Duncan, Alexander, Jr., private Dunwooddie, , private Durette, Joseph, private Durette, Zedon, private Estava, Don McGill, private Fisher, William, private Fisher, William, Jr., private Frazee, Carman, corporal Garrow, Samuel H., captain Girard, Francis, private Grant, Edward, private Haines, Samuel, private Hobart, Peter H.. lieutenant Honore, Colin, private Hope, George, private Hopewell, William, private Huston, Robert, private Jack, George, private Killen, Samuel H., sergeant Kreps, Placide, private Kreps, Stephen, private Labat, , private Lalande,...

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13th Regiment of Mississippi Militia

13th Regiment (Nixon’s) Of Mississippi Militia Captain John Bond’s Company Lieutenant William Bond’s Company Captain David Cleveland’s Company Captain Moses Collins’ Company Captain Francis B. Lenoir’s Company Captain James McGowen’s Company Captain James Phillips’ Company Captain Henry Quin’s Company Captain Harmon M. Runnel’s Company Captain William Smith’s Company Captain William Spencer’s Company Addison, Hiram, private Akin, John, ensign Alexander, Isaac, private Allen, Barnabas, sergeant Allen, Garret, private Allgood, Wiet, private Andrews, James, private Andrews, William, private Applewhite, Stephen, private Ard, Thomas, private Armstrong, Abner, private Armstrong, Jesse, private Armstrong, Jonathan, private Ashton, Henry, private Askue, Henry, private Bagley, William, sergeant Bailey, James, private Bailey, Thomas, private Ball, Sampson E., private Ballard, Lewis, private Ballard, Nathan, private Ballard, Reuben, private Banks, Levi, private Barksdale, Collier, private Barret, George, private Batson, James, private Batson, Peter, private Batson, Seth, private Batson, Thomas, private Beard, William, private Beasley, William, private Becot, Labon, sergeant Bell, Thomas, private Berry, James, private Blue, Angus, sergeant Blue, Daniel, private Bohannon, Wily, private Bond, Gedion, corporal Bond, Henry, private Bond, James, private Bond, John, captain Bond, Robert, private Bond, William, lieutenant Braddy, William, private Breland, Hillery, sergeant Brent, Charnel, private Brent, John, private Brent, Merideth, ensign Brent, Thomas, private Bridges, Sampson, private Brister, John, private Brown, Daniel, private Brown, John, private Brown, Moses, sergeant Brown, Robert, private Buckaloo, John, private Buckaloo, Richard, private Buckley, James, private Bullin, William,...

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Biography of the Hensley Brothers

Samuel and Benjamin Hensley were sons of an English family that settled on the Potomac River in Virginia, at an early date. Samuel married a Miss Landers, and they had Samuel, Jr., and William. His first wife died, and he was married again to Susan Taplett, by whom he had several children. William, son of Samuel, Jr., by his first wife, married Elizabeth Appleberry, of Virginia, and they had James, Benjamin, William, Jr., Thomas, Fleming, Judith, and Elizabeth. James, William, Jr., Thomas, and Fleming came to Montgomery County in 1826, and all except Thomas afterward married and settled in Jefferson Co., Mo. Thomas Hensley was born in Albemarle Co., Va., in 1796, and when eighteen years of age he enlisted as a soldier in the war of 1812. He afterward married Harriet Rust, who was a daughter of Samuel Rust and Mary Lee Bailey, who was the daughter of James Bailey and Nancy Smith. Mr. Hensley with his wife and four children, embarked in a keel boat of his own make, on the Pocotalico river, and floated down to the Big Kenhawa, and thence to the Ohio, on their way to Missouri. They reached Louisville in safety, but just below that place their boat sank, and it was with the greatest difficulty that they succeeded in reaching the shore in safety. Here they built a cabin and remained one...

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Biography of the See Family

The See family is of German origin. Three brothers, Adam, George, and Michael, with seven sisters, were raised in Hardy Co., Va. Their father, George, and a Negro man were all killed by lightning while stacking hay. The girls married and settled in Kentucky and Ohio. Adam was a prominent lawyer, and lived and died in Virginia. Michael married Catharine Baker, of Hardy Co., Va., by whom he had Mary, Elizabeth, Adam C , Barbara, Anthony, Jacob, John, Solomon, and Noah. Mr. See was a soldier of the war of 1812. He settled in Montgomery Co., Mo., in 1837. His daughter Elizabeth married Hugh Hart, who settled in Montgomery County in 1839. Barbary married Thomas McCleary, who settled in Montgomery County in 1810 Jacob married Rachel Morrison, and settled in Montgomery County in 1837. He has been Justice of the Peace and Deputy Sheriff, and is now the Representative of his County in the State Legislature. He was also a prominent member and officer of the Evanix Society, in Danville. Mr. See is very fond of fine stock, and in 1871 he raised eighteen hogs that averaged from 700 to 1000 pounds each. He took them to St. Louis, had them made into bacon, and sent the hams to Memphis, Tenn. But they were shipped hack, with a statement from the commission merchant that they were not buying horse...

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Biographical Sketch of James Adams

James Adams, of Virginia, settled in St. Louis Co., Mo., in 1818. He married Sally Brown, and their children were Burrell, James, Polly, Sally, Elizabeth, Lucy, Rebecca, Martha, and Nancy. Burrell was a soldier in the war of 1812. He came to Missouri in 1816, with Judge Beverly Tucker, and was married in 1818 to Harriet Allen, a daughter of John Allen, who died in 1830. Mr. Adams died in Danville, Mo., during the-summer of 1876, in his 82d year. He had eight children William B., B. T., J. B., James B., Susan F., John A., C. C., and Sarah E. William B. is a physician, lives in Danville, and has a practice that extends for many miles over that portion of the country. He is a very intelligent man, and exercises a large influence in the affairs of the County, which he has represented in the State Legislature. He possesses a large fund of ready wit and humor, and is an entertaining...

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Biographical Sketch of Ezekiel McCarty

Ezekiel and Ira McCarty were sons of James McCarty and Jane Harding, of Virginia. They settled in Clark County, Kentucky, in 1806, where they lived and died. They had twelve sisters, all of whom married and settled in Kentucky. Ezekiel was a soldier of the war of 1812, and was in the battle known as Dudley’s Defeat. He married Elizabeth Sidebottom of Kentucky. Their children were Shelton A., Eli, James, Sally, George W., John W., Joseph K., and Alfred S. Mr. McCarty removed to Missouri and settled in Danville in 1836. He died in 1866, and his wife in 1873. Eli, George W., and Alfred are the only surviving children. George W. is a Justice of the Peace and a prominent citizen. Ira McCarty, brother of Ezekiel, married a Miss Moore, of Kentucky, and settled in Boone County, Mo., where he raised a family of seven...

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Biography of Reuben C. Pew

Reuben C. Pew was left an orphan at a very early age. According to the custom of those days he was “bound out” for his living, and got a very poor one. His master treated him badly, worked him hard, and gave him no education. When he was sixteen years of age he could not read or write, and his master, desiring to get rid of him, induced him to sign the muster roll of a company that was recruiting for service in the revolutionary war, telling him it was only a common piece of writing, and could do him no harm. The consequence was that he had to go into the army, very much against his will. He was captured soon after his enlistment, and held as a prisoner for several years, during which time he experienced all the horrors of the British prisons of those times. After the war he married a Miss Smith, and settled in North Carolina, where he and his wife died, leaving seven children, viz.: Reuben P., Benjamin F., Anderson S., Frances, Jemima, Polly, and Zilphey. Reuben P. was born in 1789. In 1810 he married his cousin, Sarah Park, who died in Kentucky in 1818, leaving four children Erasmus D., Permelia H., James S., and William H. When the war of 1812 began, Mr. Pew enlisted, and was taken prisoner at Dudley’s...

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Biography of Thomas Sharp

Thomas Sharp was a native of Ireland, but emigrated to America, and settled first in Pennsylvania, from whence he removed to Washington Co., Va. He was married twice, and by his first wife he had John, Thomas, Jr., and Benjamin. By his second wife he had but one child, David, who became a Methodist minister, and lived and died in Virginia. Thomas, Jr., settled in Kentucky. Benjamin was a soldier in the revolutionary war, and was in Colonel Campbell’s command at the battle of King’s Mountain. He married Hannah Fulkerson, of Virginia, and their children were James F.. John D., Polly C., Jacob L., Catharine E., Attosa P., Hannah D., Peter L , Elvira E., Malinda M., Margaret J., and Benjamin F. In 1816 Mr. Sharp removed to Missouri with all his family except John and Malinda, and settled in (now) Warren County, three miles east of Pinckney. When Montgomery County was organized in 1818, he was appointed Clerk of the County and Circuit Courts and held the position until the State was admitted into the Union. A small log cabin was built in his yard and used as a court house, until the County seat was located at Pinckney, which was named for his daughter, Atossa Pinckney Sharp. Mr. Sharp died at the old Roinstead in 1843; his wife died two years previous. Their son James married Catharine...

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Biographical Sketch of James Moore

James Moore was born in Campbell County, Va., in 1761. He was married in 1795 to Priscilla Reed, by whom he had John G., William R., Sarah, Thomas, James G., Mary, and Martha. He was a Captain in the war of 1812. In 1839 he came to Missouri and settled on Dry Fork of Loutre, in Montgomery County, where died in 1858. His wife died one month later. Mr. Moore was a member of the Methodist Church, a quiet and inoffensive man, and highly esteemed by his neighbors and friends. His son, William R., married Mary Hubbard, of ,Virginia, and settled in St. Joseph, Mo. Sarah married William Farris, and remained in Virginia. Thomas married Edetha Reynolds, of Virginia, and settled in Montgomery County in 1839. James G. never married. He settled in Montgomery County in 1839, and is the only one of the original family still living. Mary married William McDaniel, who settled in Montgomery County in 1839. Martha married Peter G. Hunter, of Montgomery...

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Biographical Sketch of George Farrow

The parents of George Farrow came from Scotland, and settled in Fauquier Co., Va., where George was born. He was a soldier of the war of 1812. He married a Miss Massey, and they had George, Jr., Nimrod, John, and Benjamin also two daughters. Benjamin married Lucy Smith, of Virginia, and they had John P., George, Mortimer, Joseph, Margaret, Sarah, Liney M., Mary L., and Amanda M. John P., Sarah, and Margaret came to Missouri. Sarah married William Browning, and settled in St. Charles County, but afterward removed to Lincoln County. Margaret married James B. Barton, and settled in St. Charles County. John P. was married in Virginia, to Susan M. Smith, and settled in St. Charles County in 1836. He subsequently removed to Troy, where he was employed in a store, and in 1844 he settled in Montgomery County, where he was elected Judge of the County Court, and held the office for twenty years. He afterward removed to Crawford Co.,...

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Biography of Stephen Chapman

Stephen Chapman, of England, came to America when he was only fifteen years of age. When the revolution began he joined the American army under Washington, and fought throughout the whole war. After the close of the war, he married Eliza Floyd, of Virginia, by whom he had Frank, George, William, James, John, Andrew, Isaiah, Benjamin, Rachel, and Peggy. Frank was a soldier in the war of 1812. He married Nancy Chester, of Virginia, whose father, Dr. Stephen Chester, was a surgeon in the American army during the revolution. Their children were Sally, Polly A., John W., James B., and Wesley. James B. married Susan Fipps, of Virginia, and settled in Montgomery Co., Mo., in 1838. Mr. Chapman was a cabinet maker by trade, and before he left his home, in Virginia, he made the coffins for the parents of General Joseph E. Johnston, who became so celebrated during the late war between the North and South. After he came to Missouri Mr. Chapman took up the carpenter’s trade, and became one of the most rapid workmen in his part of the country. He possessed great powers of endurance, and on one occasion, while building a house for George Britt, he worked sixty hours without stopping, for which he received $25 in gold. When he first came to Montgomery County there were no roads through the prairies, and the...

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Biography of James Fulkerson

Fulkerson (This name in the native tongue, was Volkerson, but after the removal of the family to America they began to spell it as it is pronounced.) James Fulkerson, of Germany, came to America at an early date and settled in North Carolina. There he became acquainted with and married Mary VanHook, and subsequently removed to Washington Co., Va. The names of their children were Peter, James, John, Thomas, Abraham, Jacob, Isaac, William, Polly, Catharine, Hannah, and Mary. Peter married Margaret Craig, and they had Polly, Robert C., James, Benjamin F., Jacob, Peter, Jr., John W., Margaret, Rachel, David C., and Frederick. Of these children Robert C., Benjamin F., and Frederick settled in Missouri. The former (Robert C.) was born in Lee Co., Va., August 27, 1794. He served as a soldier in the war of 1812, was afterward elected Colonel of militia, and took part in the Black Hawk war in 1834. He first came to Missouri in 1816, with Major Benjamin Sharp, but remained only a short time, when he returned to Virginia, where he resided until 1828. During that period he served his County for seven years in the capacity of Sheriff, an office which at that time was beset with many dangers and hardships, requiring a man of nerve and determination to discharge its duties. So faithful was he in the performance of his labors,...

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