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Ancestry of William Hartley Cary of Brockton, Massachusetts

William Hartley Cary was a prominent and respected citizen and business man of the city of Brockton, where his death occurred Dec. 9, 1899. As a citizen he enjoyed the esteem of the entire community, in which industrial center he had for nearly a quarter of a century been an influential and successful factor in the development of its business interests. Mr. Cary was born Jan. 10, 1852, in Charleston, Maine, son of William Harrison and Abigail (Ingles) Cary. His parents were both natives of Maine, although his earlier paternal ancestors were among the early settlers of North Bridgewater (now Brockton). A record of that branch of the Cary family through which Mr. Cary descended, which has been traced in direct line back in England to the year 1170, follows.

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The Osage Massacre

When the treaty council with the Osage at Fort Gibson broke up in disagreement on April 2, 1833, three hundred Osage warriors under the leadership of Clermont departed for the west to attack the Kiowa. It was Clermont’s boast that he never made war on the whites and never made peace with his Indian enemies. At the Salt Plains where the Indians obtained their salt, within what is now Woodward County, Oklahoma, they fell upon the trail of a large party of Kiowa warriors going northeast toward the Osage towns above Clermont’s. The Osage immediately adapted their course to that pursued by their enemies following it back to what they knew would be the defenseless village of women, children, and old men left behind by the warriors. The objects of their cruel vengeance were camped at the mouth of Rainy-Mountain Creek, a southern tributary of the Washita, within the present limits of the reservation at Fort Sill.

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Descendants of Nicholas Snow of Eastham, MA

Nicholas Snow, a native of England, came to this country in 1623 in the ship “Ann,” locating in Plymouth, where he had a share in the division of land in 1624. In 1634 he removed to Eastham, where he became a prominent citizen. His home was on the road from Plymouth to Eel river, on the Westerly side. He was admitted a freeman in 1633, and was elected town clerk at the first meeting of the town of Eastham, holding that office sixteen years. He was deputy to the General Court from 1648, three years; selectman from 1663, seven years. He and his son Mark signed the call to Rev. John Mayo to settle as their minister in 1655. He was one of Gov. Thomas Prence’s associates. He married at Plymouth, Constance, daughter of Stephen Hopkins, who came over in the “Mayflower.” Constance herself came in the “Mayflower.” She died in October, 1677. Mr. Snow died Nov. 15, 1676, in Eastham, Mass.

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Peace Attempts with Western Prairie Indians, 1833

What was known as the Treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek was entered into in Mississippi with the Choctaw Indians September 27, 1830; 1Kappler, op. cit., vol. ii, 221. pursuant to the terms of the treaty, in 1832 the movement of the Choctaw to their new home between the Canadian and Red rivers was under way but they were in danger from incursions of the Comanche and Pani Picts 2Called by early French traders Pani Pique tattooed Pawnee, and known to the Kiowa and Comanche by names meaning Tattooed Faces. [U.S. Bureau of Ethnology, Handbook of American Indians, part ii,...

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Earliest Known Traders on Arkansas River

With the help of contemporary records it is possible to identify some of the early traders at the Mouth of the Verdigris. Even before the Louisiana Purchase, hardy French adventurers ascended the Arkansas in their little boats, hunting, trapping, and trading with the Indians, and recorded their presence if not their identity in the nomenclature of the adjacent country and streams, now sadly corrupted by their English-speaking successors. 1Many tributaries of Arkansas River originally bore French names. There was the Fourche La Feve named for a French family [Thwaites, R. G., editor, Early Western Travels, vol. xiii, 156]; the...

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Expeditions of Fowler and James to Santa Fe, 1821

When Pike returned from his western expedition and related his experiences in Santa Fe and other places among the Spaniards, his accounts excited great interest in the east, which resulted in further exploits. In 1812, an expedition was undertaken by Robert McKnight, James Baird, Samuel Chambers, Peter Baum, Benjamin Shrive, Alfred Allen, Michael McDonald, William Mines, and Thomas Cook, all citizens of Missouri Territory; they were arrested by the Spaniards, charged with being in Spanish territory without a passport, and thrown into the calabazos of Chihuahua, where they were kept for nine years. In 1821, two of them escaped, and coming down Canadian and Arkansas rivers met Hugh Glenn, owner of a trading house at the mouth of the Verdigris, and told him of the wonders of Santa Fe. Inspired by the accounts of these travelers, Glenn engaged in an enterprise with Major Jacob Fowler and Captain Pryor for an expedition from the Verdigris to Santa Fe.

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Record of Connecticut Men in the War of 1812

Record of Connecticut men who served in the Regular Army and the Militia in the War of 1812 compiled from rosters on file in Adjutant-General’s Office, Washington D. C. by authority of the general assembly Record of Connecticut Militia in the War of 1812 compiled from rosters on file in Adjutant-General’s Office, Washington D. C. Abbreviations Record of Connecticut Militia in the War of 1812 Record of Connecticut Men in the Regular Army, War of 1812 Officers Enlisted Men...

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The Meeting in 1811 of Tecumseh and Apushamatahah

The meeting in 1811, of Tecumseh, the mighty Shawnee, with Apushamatahah, the intrepid Choctaw. I will here give a true narrative of an incident in the life of the great and noble Choctaw chief, Apushamatahah, as related by Colonel John Pitchlynn, a white man of sterling integrity, and who acted for many years as interpreter to the Choctaws for the United States Government, and who was an eye-witness to the thrilling scene, a similar one, never before nor afterwards befell the lot of a white man to witness, except that of Sam Dale, the great scout of General Andrew...

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Norwich Vermont in the War of 1812

In the spring of 1812, war with Great Britain again seemed imminent. Causes of complaint against the aggressions of the British government had existed for a long time, and the irritation was now increasing on all sides. It did not seem possible that actual war could much longer be postponed, although public opinion in the United States was still far from unanimous for an immediate appeal to arms. Norwich, as had been her wont in Revolutionary times, again let her voice be heard when great public and national interests were being agitated before the people. At the close of a town meeting held June 18, 1812, a paper was presented to the meeting containing the preamble and resolutions which we copy below. On account of the great length of the preamble, we are obliged to abridge it considerably. The document was obviously drawn up with much care by some person familiar with the political history of the country. After some debate the clerk was directed to read the paper. A spirited discussion ensued, and the preamble and resolutions were finally adopted by a large majority, as true in their statement of facts and expressive of the sense of the town on the question at issue. It was voted that the same be put* on record in the town clerk’s office. A final clause appended to the fourth resolution denouncing...

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Major Shoot’s Battalion of Mississippi Militia

Major Shoot’s Battalion Of Mississippi Militia Captain William Bate’s Company Captain Samuel Dale’s Company Captain John Jones’ Company Captain Josiah D. Lister’s Company Alexander, Jordan, private Allen, David, private Allen, Drewry, private Angle, John, private Arnold, Jesse, private Austin, Evan, first lieutenant Austin, Jeremiah, private Baimbridge, Thomas, private Bankson, John, private Bates, William, captain Benge, Harris, private Billow, Hopson, private Bilbo, James, private Booth, John, private Bosworth, Richard, sergeant Braden, James, private Brashears, Jesse, private Brown, James, private Brown, John, sergeant Brunston, Josiah, private Busby, John, private Chapman, Joseph, private Christian, Gary, sergeant Christmas, Noel, private Churchwell, James, private Coody, John, private Copeland, Isom, private Grain, Martin, private Crawford, John, private Crear, Jerrard W., second lieutenant Currie, John, private Dale, James, private Dale, Samuel, captain Davis, Simeon, private Denson, James, second lieutenant Drinkard, Allenton, private Drinkard, Francis, private Dubose, Amos, corporal Due, Perry, private Easley, Edward, private Easley, Samuel, private Emmonds, John, ensign Evans, Henry, ensign Evans, Josiah, first lieutenant Fenley, John, private Figures, Thomas, private Gates, Joshua, private George, Reuben, private Gordon, Alexander, private Glass, David, private Glass, John, private Gray, William B., private Green, Daniel, private Green, James, private Green, James, Sr., private Green, William, private Grizzle, Willis, private Harris, Silas, private Heard, Bailey, first lieutenant Helveston, Peter, corporal Henderson, Robert, private Henson, John, private Herbert, William, sergeant Herrington, Isaac, private Hicklin, Robert, corporal Hogan, Lemuel, private...

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Major Dale’s Battalion of Mississippi Militia

Major Dale’s Battalion Of Mississippi Militia Austill, Evan, captain Bedingsfield, George, private Creaugh, Gerard W., first lieutenant Baffin, James, adjutant Dale, Samuel, major Dodd, Jessey, private Dukes, H., private Elliot, Charles, private Finley, Norris, private Fisher, Charles, private Ford, James, sergeant Foster, William, private Gentry, Elijah, private Gentry, James, sergeant Glass, John, private Hammond, Jacob, private Harbert, William, first sergeant Harrell, Hardy, private Hearn, William, corporal Hicklin, Robert, sergeant Hunt, William, private Jetton, Benedix, private Jones, Absalum, private Matlock, Thomas, private McGee, Joseph, private Miles, John, private Mosely, Thomas B., corporal Mosley, William, private Odum, Richard, private Pearson, John, sergeant Rodgers, Absolom, private Rodgers, Hays, private Simmons, David, private Schomota, , private Talbot, John, corporal Talbot, John Jr., private Talbot, Joseph, private Vaughn, John, private Wilson, Matthew, private Wilson, William, private Wilson, William H.,...

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Lieutenant-Colonel Nixon’s Regiment

Lieutenant-Colonel Nixon’s Regiment Aarons, Joshua, private Adams, Isaac, private Adams, John, private Adams, William, private Adcock, Reuben, private Alexander, Robert, Ensign Allen, William, private Allison, William, private Anderson, Absalom, private Anderson, Harriss, corporal Anderson, John, private Anderson, Robert, sergeant Anderson, Samuel, private Anding, George, private Anding, John, private Andrews, Clevers, private Andrews, Philo, quartermaster Applewhite, Stephen, corporal Armstrong, William private Arnold, James, private Arthurs, George, corporal Ashton, Henry, corporal Ashwell, Solomon, private Asque, Henry, private Babcock, Jesse, private Bagby, John, sergeant Baker, John, private Baker, Joseph, private Baldridge, Francis, private Baley, James, private Ball, Sampson E., corporal Ball, Spencer, private Ballard, Lewis, private Ballard, Nathan, private Bankston, James, private Barker, David, private Barksdale, Richard H., private Barnes, John, private Barnes, Samuel, private Barnes, Thomas, private Barnett, Joshua, private Bass, Robert, private Batchelder, Samuel, captain Bates, Elijah, private Batson, Seth, private Beauford, Bird, private Season, William, private Beaty, Thomas, corporal Beck, John, private Bell, William, private Bender, Lot, private Bennett, David, corporal Bennett, Henry, private Benson, James, private Benson, Samuel, private Berkley, Abraham, private Bernard, Heslen, private Berry, John, private Berry, Middleton, corporal Berry, Thomas, private Berry, Young, sergeant Biggs, David, corporal Biggs, James, private Bill, ,waiter Binum, Parham T., private Black, George, private Blackman, Carrol, private Blackman, Peter, corporal Block, George, private Bond, James, ensign Bond, John, captain Bond, Moses, private Bond, William, private Booth, John, private Bossley, William,...

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Lieutenant-Colonel Neilson’s Detachment of Mississippi Militia

Lieutenant-Colonel Neilson’s Detachment Of Mississippi Militia Captain David T. W. Cook’s Company Captain John Joor’s Company Captain William A. Lucas’ Company Captain Nathan H. Luse’s Company Captain Samuel K. Sorsby’s Company Captain Francis Wood’s Company Adams, Joseph, private Adams, Thomas C., sergeant Aldridge, George, private Aldridge, Sylvester, private Anden, George, private Anderson, Ephraim, private Anderson, Henry, ensign Anderson, Frederick, private Anderson, Robert C., sergeant Anderson, William, corporal Armstreat, Philip, sergeant Armstrong, William, private Arnold, Isham, private Arnold, Richard, private Applewhite, James, private Ashly, John, private Austin, John, private Austin, William, private Bacon, John, sergeant Badgett, David, private Baldridge, John, private Baldwin, Levi, private Barcley, Glass C., private Barkee, David, private Barnes, Pittkin, sergeant Barns, John, private Barren, Thomas, private Bass, Jeremiah, private Bassett, William, sergeant Baty, Francis, private Beard, Adam, private Bennett, David, private Bennett, William, private Berry, David, private Best, Abraham, private Betis, Julius, private Black, Alexander, private Boles, James, private Booker, Samuel, private Booker, William, private Boothe, Shelly, private Bosnian, Samuel, private Bowling, Jesse, private Boyd, Augustus, private Boyd, John, private Boyd, William, private Bradley, Archibald, private Bradshaw, Peter, private Bradway, Ebenezer, private Brannon, Thomas, private Brannon, William, private Brieland, Daniel, private Briley, Job, private Briscoe, Parmenas, major Brister, George, private Brown, John, private Brown, Joseph, private Brown, Lampkin W., private Brown, William, private Brown, William, private Brunaugh, Martin, sergeant Buckley, William C., private Buckman, Henry, private...

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Colonel Claiborne’s Regiment of Mississippi Militia

Colonel Claiborne’s Regiment Of Mississippi Militia Captain Gerard C. Brandon’s Company Captain William Elliott’s Company Captain Philip A. Engel’s Company Captain Jacob Guice’s Company Captain Philip Hill’s Company Captain Randal Jones’ Company Captain Zachariah Lea’s Company Captain Lewis Paimboeuf ‘s Company Captain John H. Shanks’ Company Abby, Consider, sergeant Adams, Samuel, private Aldred, Ezra, corporal Alexander, Michael G., corporal Alexander, Robert, first lieutenant Ally, Seth, private Armstreet, Aaron, private Armstrong, William, private Atwood, Thomas, private Austin, Ozias, first lieutenant Bagley, William, sergeant Baker, Lewis, private Baldridge, Alexander, private Baldwin, Hiram, first lieutenant Barkley, Samuel C., private Barrow, Francis, private Bayley, James, private Beason, William, private Beaty, James C., private Beauchamp, Baptist, private Beckworth, Jonathan, private Bedlescomb, Jeremiah, private Bell, Drury, private Bell, Joseph, sergeant Bell, Thomas, private Bell, Wilkinson, private Bender, Lott, private Bennett, William, private Bernard, William, private Berry, Joseph, corporal Berry, Martin, private Berry, Young, sergeant Bethany, Matthew, private Black, Alexander, private Black, Daniel, private Blanton, Benjamin, private Blanton, William W., first lieutenant Boatright, William, private Bolls, John, private Bond, Thomas, private Bonner, James, private Boothe, John, private Bower, George Wm., private Bowman, Richardson, first lieutenant Boyce, Peyton, private Boyd, James, private Boyd, John, private Boyd, William, private Braden, Joseph, sergeant Brady, Samuel, private Brandon, Gerard C., captain Brant, Lewis W., corporal Brashears, Benjamin, private Brashiers, James, private Brasue, Nicholas, private Brent, John, private Brice, William, private...

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